Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players praise “incredible” shiny Paradox haul

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shiny Roaring Moon

Trainers are always showcasing their shiny hunt results, and this particular player has nailed all Paradox Pokemon in their shiny variants, and has them primed for combat.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have managed an incredible rate of approval among fans of the Pokemon universe.Despite their many “bugs” and “glitches,” these games have quickly risen in popularity since their release, and even more so with the addition of the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero two-part DLC.

The game has still a great deal of things to offer to its players, including the harsh but rewarding “shiny hunts.” Powered by Shiny Sandwiches, trainers all over the world have been taking advantage of the Mass Outbreak events to complete their shiny collection.

Shiny Paradox Pokemon remain as some of the hard-to-get species, since their spawn rates are tremendously low, and they are not included in Mass Outbreaks. However user ‘BeanswithRamen5’ proved that getting all shiny Paradoxes is not impossible, and the community is impressed by this major feat.

The OP also stated that it took them “a bit” of time to get several of the Paradoxes in their collection, especially Roarin Moon, since it seems to be the most elusive one. “Props to you. I could never have so much patience,” one of the players stated.

Many Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainers answered back by telling the OP that they should “showcase them proudly” as it is quite an accomplishment to get “all Legal” shiny Paradox Pokemon.

As many Pokemon fans know, Genned Pokemon have been a recurrent issue as of late, and they have caused quite turmoil among Competitive Players. Some of them have even reached the teams of professional players, causing disqualifications and permanent bans.

So getting the shiny Paradox Pokemon and preparing them for combat, though a monumental task, is totally doable, and BeanswithRamen5’s team is living proof of that.

If you want to know where to find all these unique beasts, here’s how to get all Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. And here are the next Tera Raid Battles, so you can know when these are entering the rotations.

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