Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players reveal tips to cause outbreak of shiny spawns

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet indigo disk dlc shiny totodile spawnThe Pokemon Company

Getting multiple shinies and Marked versions of your favorite Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet is easier than ever thanks to some simple tips shared by players who have scored tremendous shiny hauls.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players leave no stone unturned in grinding for shiny Pokemon as well as Marked species, usually from Mass Outbreak events. But finding even one shiny is a difficult task as they are extremely rare spawns, and trainers even end up missing out on them.

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With the Indigo Disk DLC, fans can now catch their favorite starters from previous Pokemon games, making them all the more eager for shiny hunting across the Terarium of the Blueberry Academy.

That’s how excited a trainer named ‘nocelebration’ was on Reddit, as they got themselves a shiny Feraligatr, but also ended up getting an impressive haul of six shiny crocs that they flexed in a post captioned with: “Took days to reset for an outbreak of my favorite Pokémon! Definitely worth it!”

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The incredible shiny haul caught the eye of several Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans, who couldn’t get enough of the beloved Gen 2 shiny, that was caught in six different Poke Balls to boot.

Users commented: “I have Lure Ball Shiny Feraligatr that I’m really fond of but you took it to a whole new level” and “This is one I was wanting to do next, but I couldn’t decide what ball to use. I like that you just did ALL of them lmao.”

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A trainer wrote: “That’s awesome!” before asking: “Is that just from one outbreak and a sandwich?” to which the OP replied:

“One outbreak but 3 sandwiches! I wanted an outbreak so that I could make a sparkling sandwich with Humungo power instead of encounter power to get some big crocs! Ended up with 7 shiny Totodiles altogether. One female and one with a Sleepy Mark!”

pokemon scarlet and violet indigo disk dlc shiny feraligatr sleepingThe Pokemon Company
Shiny Feraligatr is popular due to its distinct coloration from the normal version.

The post prompted others to ask how resets can be done, resulting in a reply that said: “Close your game. Go into the settings and change the date forward, then restart your game. you’ll have new outbreaks.” The trainer also revealed “another ‘reset trick’ which involved starting a picnic and then leaving immediately.”

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Coming to the location to get Totodile outbreaks, a person stated: “For anyone in the future who wants a better spot to date reset, head to the island above the Coastal Plaza near the top of the map.”

Luckily for players, this trick can also work for other Pokemon, as one shared that they “ended up catching 7 shiny Litwick” from an outbreak after resets.

For more exciting Pokemon to collect in the Indigo Disk DLC, check out how to get Archaludon and Hydrapple in Scarlet and Violet.

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