Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player shocked as “outrageous” bug ruins shiny hunt

Lucas Simons
Ash Pokemon the Anime

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers are losing their prized shiny finds due to a malicious bug, and some players think there’s only one way to prevent this from happening.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are always looking for more shiny Pokemon to add to their collections. And with the most recent Tera Raid Battles, and Mass Outbreaks Events, trainers have even more options than usual to get those prized specimens.

However, a vicious bug is “killing” shiny Pokemon all over Paldea, Kitakami, and Blueberry Academy, and players report that the latest update has done “nothing but ruining the game.”

Here´s what the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet community have been discussing about this major glitch that has been ruining players’ shiny hunt experience.

This footage was posted by Reddit user ‘PhoenoFox’ who fell victim to the terrain bug that kills shiny Pokemon, when a shiny Scizor approached him and just vanished out of the blue: “He Just…Fell.” To what another player stated: “That’s outrageous, It should have been fixed by now!”

Other players joined voices with the OP, stating that this is not the first time this major glitch has struck, and it’s a long overdue fix that the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet community desires. One of the players stated: “S**t… That’s insane… What f***ing loss.”

While others stated that the only way to prevent this is “save scumming.” One of them went as far as to say that this was the OP’s fault for not “instantly saving” the game once they encountered the shiny Pokemon.

Another trainer also narrated their experiences while attempting to catch other shiny species, and confessed that they also fell victim to the nefarious glitch.

It would seem that there’s an increase in the cases of this terrain bug “eating” shiny Pokemon, but players state that it is not exclusive to these rare specimens, and also attacks single rare spawns like Passimian/Oranguru, for example.

If you want to know more about Pokemon, here’s every Legendary you can catch in the game. And in case you want to learn how to effectively shiny hunt, here’s a guide with every Shiny Sandwich recipe.

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