Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player gets double shiny spawn with “nightmare” sandwich recipe

pokemon scarlet and violet shiny sandwich with tofuThe Pokemon Company

Sandwiches are helpful items for shiny hunting in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as they boost the chances of finding these rare species in the wild. So when a player used this item to score two back-to-back shinies, the community was eager to know how the sandwich looked and they couldn’t believe it.

Shiny hunting has become better than ever in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as the Teal Mask DLC update brought several changes to mass outbreaks, leading to the most unexpected shiny encounters in the Paldea and Kitakami regions.

As trainers try to grind these rare Pokemon, they prepare sandwiches with various ingredients alongside Herba Mystica to boost their chances of encountering shinies and yet, they sometimes fail to get the job done.

Now, a player has stunned the community by encountering two consecutive Eevee on the same screen by creating the most “outrageous” sandwich that seemed to have done the trick for them, and needless to say, fellow trainers were curious about the sandwich built.

A user named ‘makeshift-shotgun’ shared a post on Reddit that showed the sandwich they made in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as they wrote: “This completely monstrous sandwich got me 2 shiny Eevee on the same screen.”

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The OP has used the ingredient tofu in making the sandwich and it boosts the shiny rate of Normal-type species (like Eevee) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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A user remarked how challenging it was for the OP to create this sandwich: “Typically I’d go with these if you’re using Herba, it can be a lot easier than making monstrosities like that. Kudos that it held up to the challenge though!”

Another added: “I hate tofu so much. You’d think the square blocks would be simple to stack but nooooooo. It has to be a shaky awful nightmare, and they’re slippery to boot. I gave up on that recipe,” highlighting how skilfully the OP made the mount of tofu.

The player’s sandwich certainly impressed the community as they commented that they wanted to “see some outrageous ones” and despite being disorganized, fans lauded that it worked for the OP.

“I mean it worked so you can’t knock it right?!,” a user mentioned, as some users debated this complicated sandwich over simpler ones.

Though making such a sandwich is hard work, the two shiny Eevee encounters definitely made the effort worthwhile.

As you explore Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for shinies, check out every new species as well as all the new moves and items introduced in the Teal Mask DLC.

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