Lucky Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player finds “insanely” rare shiny within five minutes

Niladri Sarkar
pokrmon scarlet and violet shiny dudunsparce three-segment form image from the game

Shiny Pokemon are arguably the most sought-after species in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but some shinies are rarer than others. So, when a player caught a super rare shiny species in no time, everyone was stunned.

The Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has got fans praising its gripping storyline, new Legendaries, Area Zero connections, and to the surprise of many, updates to the graphics of several shiny Pokemon.

With shiny species like Kommo-o looking better than ever, fans are in a rush to capture the rarest shinies in the game and one of them is the Three-Segment form of Dudunsparce.

Dunsparce’s evolution in Gen 9 is available in the Two-segment and Three-Segment forms, with the latter being super rare. So, when a DLC player got shiny Three-Segment Dudunsparce within five minutes, others couldn’t believe it.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player gets shiny Three-Segment Dudunsparce on first attempt

Reddit user ‘BraumdaRum’ shared a screenshot of a rare shiny Three-Segment Dudunsparce obtained in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC and wrote “I must be very lucky.”

This led to many comments from other users who were in awe of how lucky the OP must be, especially when it was revealed that it hardly took “five minutes.”

The OP wrote, “I was just circling around in the pool in the cave near Oni Mountain, trying to filter out a shiny Feebas, no shiny sandwich, at full shiny charm odds.

The first shiny to pop out was a Cleffa. Then this drill-tailed beauty showed up five minutes later or so.”

Others expressed their shock at the OP’s feat with comments like “That’s INSANE dude you’re crazy lucky!” and “WAIT FIRST TRY??????”

The comment section was lit up with excitement when a user shared that popular Pokemon YouTuber ‘Shiny Catherine’ famously took 300 attempts to finally get her shiny Three-Segment Dudunsparce.

“Catherine is a Pokemon YouTuber who was trying to shiny hunt a three-segment. She caught 300 shiny Dunsparse and got two with rare marks before she got a three-segment one.”

pokemon scarlet and violet teal mask dlc kitkami island location oni mountain
The Oni Mountain is considered a great location for shiny hunting in the Teal Mask DLC.

Surprisingly, the comments prompted the YouTuber herself to join the comment section as she wrote, “Sobbing fr.”

The OP certainly got lucky by getting the shiny version of the rare Three-Segment Dudunsparce so quickly as players usually try hundreds of attempts to get the job done, just like YouTuber Shiny Catherine.

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