Pokemon Go visual glitch has fans theorizing a possible Hisuian debut

Lucas Simons
Hisuian Avalugg and Goodra Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players have noticed a visual glitch that has led some of them to believe new Hisuian variants have been added to the game’s database. And here’s how they have reached that theory.

Pokemon Go players are enjoying the World of Wonders season, and they are quite happy about the content drops. However, due to recent issues during the Primal Kyogre raid Day, players are slamming Niantic for the many errors that spoil their fun.

Among the issues reported, some visual glitches have led players to believe that one of the favorite Hisuian species is coming to the game later this season.

So what’s the origin of this theory? Well, this was posted recently on TheSilphRoad Pokemon Go community, by Reddit user ‘Teoes,’ and it immediately was followed up by hundreds of similar reports.

According to what was shared by Teoes, it would seem like some of the Kalos Pokemon models are glitched on the Pokedex and evolution sub-menus, appearing as “unknown.” But the OP’s post regarding this visual glitch was not the only clue that led players to believe something is happening “behind the curtains” in Pokemon Go.

Some players believe this glitch happens because the code for a new Pokemon species has been implemented in the game, but due to an issue, it is linked with other species, making them appear as “glitched” on the Pokedex and menus.

Another post shared in TheSilphRoad, this time by Reddit user ‘DaniHappy’ shed some light on this Pokemon Go visual glitch and its correlation with this theory. “All the Decidueyes look like Hisuian Decidueye.” User Teoes (from the previous post) stated: “I have the same issue. Makes me wonder if it is connected to what I posted about earlier.”

And later, yet another report was filed, which described another curious visual glitch that linked the Pokemon Goomy, with Hisuian Decidueye when trying to evolve it. Another player then stated: “I saw a post earlier of someone saying that the character models of Sliggoo, Goodra, and Xerneas were missing in their game.”

Meanwhile, another trainer reported: “Me too. Also, Avalugg is suddenly Hisuian as are my Decidueye.” It would seem then, that the game identifies some of the character models of Pokemon which have Hisuian variants as their respective regional forms.

This could mean, according to some players, that both Hisuian Avalugg and Hisuian Goodra could be close to being released and are already encoded into the game.

Sadly, the inclusion of those Hisuian species in the internal data of the game seems to have caused a major issue with some of the aforementioned Pokemon. Though, this is only a suspicion among Pokemon Go fans, so, you might want to take it with a pinch of salt.

We will wait for official confirmation and keep you informed about a possible release for the Hisuian variants of Goodra and Avalugg.

In the meantime, you can check out the current Raid Schedule, to get ready for the upcoming challenges ahead. And in case you are looking to tackle this PvP season, here’s all you need to know to build a strong Ultra League Team in Pokemon Go.

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