Pokemon Go players creeped out by “hideous” new Ultra Beast

Niladri Sarkar

Stakataka is finally in Pokemon Go but trainers can’t help but squirm at the sight of this mysterious Ultra Beast, due to how weird and scary it looks.

Ultra Beasts (UBs) are some of the strangest additions to the Pokemon franchise as they are regarded as ‘aliens’ in lore. While all of them look anything but normal, Stakataka in particular, is bothering Pokemon Go fans.

With the Rock/Steel-type species debuting in 5-Star Raids, Reddit user ‘Lucky-Puzzle1478’ caught this UB, but they couldn’t help but remark, “I love a lot of the new Pokemon but holy s*** this thing is hideous.”

Fellow trainers could relate to the OP’s chain of thoughts, and they taunted Stakataka’s design by declaring it as “cement bricks and security cameras glued together.”

As more fans stated that it looked pretty weird, others highlighted the reasoning behind the abomination. One said that since it’s an Ultra Beast, it’s supposed to look unusual while another added: “Ultra Beasts are Pokemon from a different Universe so they HAVE TO be scary and dangerous.”

Additionally, a fan pointed out that this Ultra Beast draws inspiration from Japanese folklore and shared a snippet from Bulbapedia:

“Stakataka resembles a castle tower. It may take inspiration from Mokumokuren, a species of yōkai known for living in walls and is distinctly identified by its myriad of eyes; and Nurikabe, a yōkai known for blocking the way of travelers in the guise of a wall.”

You should know that as per the Sun and Moon games, where Ultra Beasts were first introduced, these species are technically not even Pokemon, but rather, extra-terrestrial beings with powers and types similar to Pokemon.

But regardless of its design, Stakataka sure is a fun addition to the Pokedex which is quite challenging to beat, thanks to its enormous 298 Defense stat.

Focus on using Fighting and Ground-type counters to exploit its double weaknesses in Pokemon Go. Also, keep in mind that Stakataka Raids are available only in the Eastern Hemisphere while Blacephalon is in the Western Hemisphere.