Pokemon Go players shocked by “useless” rewards after extended break

Lucas Simons
Ash and Pikachu in the Pokemon anime

Players returning to Pokemon Go after a long period of absence are trying to assimilate all the changes, among them, the fact that rewards feel “less rewarding” than before.

Pokemon Go players have a tendency to “take breaks” from time to time. And with all the content being added during World of Wonders, it is true that the game can feel a little bit overwhelming. So, when trainers return after a long period of absence, they will notice many changes have happened in the game.

One of them being the addition of Routes, of course, including the elusive Zygarde Cells, and new Gift mechanics. The other one is the addition of Party Play, which has recently received a boost in the reward system, so that is not the issue here.

However, generally speaking, it is true that some items have become a commodity as of late, among these: Healing Items. The problem lies with breakthrough rewards, a cumulative bonus offered to players for constantly finishing the Daily Research quota.

This was posted by Reddit user ‘The_Scrungler,’ who came back to the game after a long period of absence, only to feel disappointed at Pokemon Go’s current reward system.

“I remember when this came out, I got a Regirock and a Moltres as rewards for filling the stamp book. Now, after returning for a month, it’s just… Literally only been Jangmo-o, until today when I got FURFROU. Really? He’s useless! And also a reward in regular research I think, so that’s extra gross and lame,” – the OP stated.

“Furfrou?!? You luuuuucky! I got a 2 star Hisuian Sneazel in mine today,” answered a frustrated Pokemon Go player. While another one declared they were “shock” by the decrease in the quality of rewards since one year ago, which was, the last time they took a break from the game. To what another player answered: “Everything feels less rewarding. It sucks.”

Rewards change with time, alongside Raid rotations, wild spawns, and, of course, events, so it is no surprise things are “not the same” as before these players enjoyed the game for the last time. And even so, many players are quite happy with the current direction of the game, though, it is also true that the game has many detractors and people complaining about how the devs do their work.