Pokemon Go players frustrated as missing Dragon types make Collection Challenge impossible

Niladri Sarkar
dragon types druddigon, deino, and bagon in pokemon go raids

A certain Collection Challenge in the Pokemon Go Ultra Space Wonders event requires three rare Dragon types and even though they’re featured in 3-Star Raids, players are unable to find them.

With the Ultra Space Wonders event drawing to a close on May 28, 2024, in Pokemon Go, players are grinding hard to complete the Collection Challenges featured in this exciting event. While two of these Challenges are done for most, the third one focusing on Dragon types has proved to be a pain.

The task requires trainers to catch Druddigon, Deino, and Bagon, and have a crack at getting a shiny Mareanie as a reward. But, despite these three Pokemon promised for 3-Star Raids, they’re nearly impossible to find.

One such trainer struggling to wrap up the Dragon-type Collection Challenge is Reddit user ‘therealSteckel’ who posted: “Deino Raids are a myth made up by Niantic” as they just couldn’t find this Dark/Dragon type despite their best efforts.

Other players joined the bandwagon, as they had the same trouble, not just with Deino but with the other Dragons as well.

“For me it’s the Druddigon. Haven’t even seen one before and haven’t seen it in any of the raids since the start of the challenges,” a person wrote as another stated: “I’m the opposite, not a single Bagon to be found.”

mareanie and its shiny version in pokemon go
Mareanie made its shiny debut during the Ultra Space Wonders event.

The situation appears to be pretty bad as fans were unable to find these Raids even on Campfire. Some highlighted that even though Bagon and Deino can be found in the wild, they are extremely rare spawns, with Dratini being the most likely encounter.

Others pointed out that the ‘Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon’ Field Research task has a 1/3rd chance of giving a Bagon, with Dratini and Axew being the other two possible encounters. But, there’s no way to get Deino and Druddigon is a Raid-exclusive species. You need all three Dragons to complete the Challenge.

If you’re able to catch Bagon and Deino, be sure to evolve them into Salamence and Hydreigon, two of the most powerful Pseudo Legendaries in Pokemon Go.

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