How to get Deino in Pokemon Go: Evolution & can it be shiny?

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go species deino

Pokemon Go players are eager to get their hands on the popular Deino and add it to their teams. So, here’s how to get Deino in Pokemon Go, including its evolution Hydreigon and shiny availability.

Dragon types are among the top PvP and PvE picks in Pokemon Go, and players are curious to find out how they can catch Deino, and evolve it into the powerful Pseudo Legendary Hydreigon, one of the most iconic Pokemon in the franchise.

So, here’s all you need to know to get Deino in Pokemon Go, along with its evolution and shiny chances in the mobile game.

How to get Deino in Pokemon Go

You can get Deino in Pokemon Go by catching it in the wild or hatching 10km Adventure Sync Eggs and 12km Eggs.

You can get 10km Adventure Sync Eggs on Mondays by walking at least 100km each week while 12km Eggs are obtained by beating Team Go Rocket Leaders like Arlo, Sierra, and Cliff.

pokemon go deino in the anime
Deino is a Dark/Dragon-type Pokemon.

Can Deino be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Deino is available in Pokemon Go. You should know that the shiny rate for Deino in Pokemon Go is 1 in 560.

How to evolve Deino into Hydreigon in Pokemon Go

Deino evolves into Zweilous with 25 Candy. Zweilous then evolves into Hydreigon with 100 Candy in Pokemon Go.

pokemon go deino and its evolutions zweilous and hydreigon
Hydreigon is one of the best counters to Mewtwo in Pokemon Go.

As the rarity of Deino is quite high, we recommend using Pinap Berries to get bonus Candies each time you catch Deino and evolve it into Hydreigon quickly.

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