Pokemon Go players discover new feature “crashes” their phones

Ezequiel Leis
Pokemon Go capture screen

Pokemon Go added new backgrounds for its biomes in some regions, but players aren’t happy with them as they also brought some performance issues to the mobile game.

Pokemon Go is a live-service game that keeps evolving by adding content and new features regularly. In 2023, the mobile game introduced players to Routes, PokeStop Showcases, Party Play, and more features while also expanding its Pokedex with many fan-favorite Pokemon.

The game also received some needed QoL changes recently, but Niantic haven’t made official announcements about them. That’s why some trainers were surprised to see new biome backgrounds start to roll out in some regions. However, it’s unclear if this is supposed to be for a special event or if the game is getting new and more detailed visuals permanently.

“Yep- New Biome rolled out in UK,” wrote Reddit user ‘LightofHeaven00,’ who showcased new backgrounds for cities, lakes, and forests in Pokemon Go. While many were surprised to see this and said things like “It looks so good!” and “Looks pretty cool!” one player commented: “Been having it for almost a month now.”

Most players are happy with the change of scenery after several years, but it seems like these new visuals mean trouble for many trainers. “The option to choose would have been nice. My 5-year old phone is asking why I’m trying to kill it now,” stated one Reddit user, and another added, “I find it is now unplayable. I can’t even spin and throw a ball.”

Other trainers commented they’re experiencing “severe stuttering and lag when in the capture or battle screens” that have new backgrounds. Some players tried to help, recommending to turn off the “enhanced graphics” option in the game’s settings. And while that made it “mildly better” in some cases, it seems the new visuals brought even more problems to the title.

In a different Reddit post, user ‘DaJackal1998’ commented: “This drains my battery life tremendously.” Another player joined to say they “turned off the enhanced graphics and it doesn’t seem to have slowed the battery drain.” This issue is making some players completely abandon the game until they can buy a better phone to play Pokemon Go.

Lastly, another player stated: “It’s so laggy and unoptimised. Why do this right before a community day?” Litten Community Day takes place on Saturday, March 16, and some trainers are now worried these new visuals will get in their way.

Players with no issues revealed they’re using Pixel 6 and 7 phones, as well as the iPhone 12 and some of the latest Samsung models. If Niantic decide to make an official announcement we’ll be sure to let you know.

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