Pokemon Go players convinced Gigantamax coming soon after secret Pokedex change

Niladri Sarkar
gigantamax gengar in the pokemon anime

The fan-favorite Gen 8 gimmick, Gigantamax (G-Max), has already been leaked for Pokemon Go but players are now sure that it’s coming to the game sooner than expected!

The clue to this highly-anticipated addition was found in version 0.319.0 as this update added something unseen in the game for four long years, seemingly pointing toward G-Max Pokemon forms.

User ‘Aggressive_Plate_849’ shared a post on The Silph Road subreddit that showed a Mega Gengar captioned with: “Mega Indicator Moved in v0.319.0 – Prep for Dynamax/Gigantamax?”

The post set motion for a flurry of comments from trainers eagerly awaiting any news of Pokemon from the Galar region, but little did they expect that Gigantamax would be onboard as well.

Fans expressed their excitement by saying that they’re “really really really hoping” that this popular gimmick is finally available in the game as soon as possible. When one asked what Gigantmax is all about, another jumped in with a detailed reply.

“It is a temporary boost that makes your Pokemon huge. One, it gives them a ton of extra health, the other also gives them special extra moves. Raid bosses in Pokemon Go were the inspiration for Dynamax originally.”

Keep in mind that Gigantamax is the same as Dynamax in terms of game mechanics, except that G-Max Pokemon also change their appearance.

A player wrote, “Niantic are slowly catching up with TPC (The Pokemon Company) with new mon debuts, so they need all the content they can,” before adding that the 32 G-Max forms would help the devs spread content for a long time.

Datamined information has also shed light on ‘stations’ modeled on Galar Gyms, which are basically hotspots for Gigantamax to be possible.

It seems quite plausible that this Gen 8 gimmick will be introduced alongside some features from the Galar region, as many expect “shiny debuts for Zacian, Zamazenta, and possibly Wooloo. Starters and Rookidee in the wild, a Raid-locked standalone in 3-star raids, and an egg-locked family.”

While you wait for an official announcement about Gigantamax in Pokemon Go, you can check out the current Raid schedule and everything that Go Fest 2024 has to offer.

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