Pokemon Go leaks reveal highly anticipated Gigantamax feature

Niladri Sarkar
gigantamax charizard coming to pokemon go

New Pokemon Go leaks reveal the debut of the much-awaited Gen 8 gimmick Gigantamax along with some other surprises, and it has set the community abuzz with excitement.

With Pokemon Go players eagerly awaiting the debut of the Galarian starters as well as other popular Pokemon from Gen 8, the game has now thrown a curveball with leaks of Gigantamax!

Even after Mega Evolutions were introduced, fans were still skeptical if GMax forms would ever be available, but prominent Pokemon Go trainer and YouTuber, Poké AK, has laid all talk to rest with their shocking video titled “*GIGANTAMAX POKEMON COMING TO POKEMON GO*” on their channel.

In the video, Poké AK credits the source of this information to their leaker, who revealed some juicy details about how the gimmick would work in the mobile game.

Straight off the bat, they state that it will be based on the new ‘MP system,’ which is an energy requirement to go up against Gigantamax Pokemon in Raid battles. Keep in mind that MP will be capped at 100 per day.

While it isn’t revealed how much MP you would require to take on these Raids, it is known that once you run out, you will have to buy more MP to battle more than one GMax Raid. So, it appears that the base MP to battle is similar to a daily free Raid Pass, while the extra MP to do more Raids will work like Remote Raid Passes.

gigantamax pikachu and eevee for pokemon go
There are 33 Gigantamax Pokemon in all.

Poké AK speculates that these will probably be an entirely new system. What’s more, they added that this will be introduced in Pokemon Go with the Gigantamax forms of the Kanto starters: Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, while also mentioning that devs Niantic could chip in others like Butterfree and Machamp as well.

If all this wasn’t exciting already, the leaker also added that players could expect other Galar Pokemon added alongside Gigantamax. While there was ultimately no talk of Dynamax forms and when this huge update would drop in the game, players will be on the edge of their seats for more info.

Excited users commented: “This may explain why they skipped Gen 8. They’re probably waiting to drop them when they introduce Gigantamax as it’s the same Gen” and “I want a season of Galar.”

With Go Fest 2024 and new Ultra Beasts like Blacephalon and Stakataka coming soon, fans have more to look forward to in Pokemon Go with Gigantamax on the horizon.

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