Pokemon Go players believe Legendary spawn rates are too low

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Incense

Players have noticed a change in the spawn rates of popular Legendaries: The Galarian Birds. So here’s why Pokemon Go fans are finding it hard to encounter one of these elusive Mons.

Pokemon Go players have been scouring earth and sea to find the elusive Galarian Birds, but despite their efforts, they are finding it harder and harder to get these Pokemon for their collections. And some trainers have noticed that this is due to a silent decrease in the spawn rate for these popular Legendaries.

And now, a group of frustrated players have taken it to Reddit to discuss about the Galarian Birds and why they believe their spawn rates have been considerably lowered recently.

This was posted by Reddit user ‘sekvanto’ who mentioned that they have noticed a decrease in how many Galarian Birds have spawned since they got their Master Ball ready for them.

The OP said: “Seriously, at this point, I’m tempted to throw it at a random Bidoof.” They also explained that before finishing up the Master Ball Research and having the Ultimate Ball in their inventories, they encountered them daily: “I swear I encountered them daily before getting the ball.”

This Pokemon Go community post was promptly flooded with responses such as: “I used to get maybe one a week. Of course it’s partially on me, I want a decent one so if it was below 2k I’d just try an ultra ball but even still daily use of the incense hasn’t given me one since October, good CP or not.”

Another player stated: “You guys encounter birds? I have yet to encounter a single one.” While another confused Pokemon Go fan stated: “I keep hearing all this talk about sick a** birds yet I never spot a sick a** bird.”

While it is true that the Galarian Birds have one of the lowest spawn and catch rates in the entire game (an average spawn rate of 1.9 % and an average catch rate of 12 % with a Golden Razz Berry and a perfect Curve Ball Excellent Shot) they shouldn’t be impossible to find.

But when you do encounter these Legendaries, here’s a guide to know if Galarian Birds have the Perfect Stats, so you know when to use your Master Ball or not. And in case you are participating in the upcoming Spotlight Hour, here’s all you need to know about Gardevoir and Gallade in Pokemon Go.

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