Pokemon Go players beg for changes to “sad” Mega Energy grind

Niladri Sarkar
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A majority of the Pokemon Go community is finding it extremely challenging to collect Mega Energy and get Mega-evolved Pokemon in their collection. Players are now desperate for a revamp of the current system.

Mega-evolved Pokemon are some of the strongest species in Pokemon Go due to their stellar stats and the damage boost they offer during Raid battles.

That said, a large section of fans lack these powerful additions to their Pokedex simply because they have been unable to take on the grind involved in collecting Mega Energy required for Mega Evolution.

Now, players have highlighted that making the Mega Energy system more accessible would go a long way in helping them finally add Mega-evolved versions of their favorite Pokemon to their teams.

A user named ‘frankyboy123456’ shared a Reddit post that showed their shiny Ampharos in Pokemon Go and wrote: “Anyone else wish you could walk and gain Mega Energy for all Pokemon that have a Mega? Not just the ones you’ve already Mega-evolved?”

Many users agreed with the OP’s proposal for an update to the current “sad” Mega Energy system in Pokemon Go as they commented: “Yeah I’d love something a bit more accessible,” as well as “I’m with ya. There’s been 3 times so far I’ve gotten a shiny for a Mon, but had to wait a long while to be able to Mega Evolve them.”

A player added that “it’d be really helpful for anyone who struggles with the Raids or Pokemon that haven’t been in Mega Raids for ages.”

Another suggested: “Would be nice if all the wild Pokemon of a Mega family had a chance to drop, say, 5-10 Mega Energy if caught.” And it appears that others were on the same page.

“I just wish you could do something to get a minimal amount of Mega Energy, like maybe the Buddy walk gives you 10 Mega Energy every fifth candy or something,” a fan highlighted.

Beating a Mega Raid is easier said than done, so both solo and rural players would find it next to impossible to gather Mega Energy, and these suggestions by fans can certainly make the job easier for many trainers.

If you don’t have Mega-evolved species in Pokemon Go, worry not as you can find the best PvP teams to dominate in the Go Battle League.

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