Pokemon Go player wages war against their entire village to counter Gym spamming

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A Pokemon Go player from a remote village decided to battle all the other inhabitants for Gym supremacy. The results were not what they expected, and ended up causing an all-out war against their neighbor trainers.

Gym spamming is a serious issue for Pokemon Go players, and trainers that go on a rampage and take over all the Gyms in a city are a regular occurrence in the game. This is quite common in rural towns and remote places where PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms are scarce.

As a result, Reddit user Fabulous-Ring-6389 decided to take matters into their own hands and tried to take down as many Gym spammers as possible. However, their actions ended up sparking an all-out war with other trainers in the village.

Solo Pokemon Go team Instinct member wages war against Gym spammers

As the only Pokemon Go team Instinct player in their village, Reddit user Fabulous-Ring-6389 decided that the supremacy of the Mystic team had to end. So he decided to go on a hunt for each Gym in their area. Day after day, they fought tooth and nail against Gym spammers, until they apparently broke their spirits.

However, the story is far from over, as Fabulous-Ring-6389 pointed out, their opponents quickly organized to fight back. Rival players even learned their sleep schedule and triangulated their location to once again obtain the upper hand and keep spamming Pokemon Go Gyms.

Pokemon Go Redditors quickly started to comment on this situation. One of them said: “This is absolutely genius!” Another player added: “I’m instinct and this is a heartwarming story.”

Other players also shared their similar experiences with the spamming issue: “I have bribed 3 people to switching to team instinct so far, one regretted it since he’s into gym control.”

Another team Instinct member also said: “There’s a guy in my neighborhood who has to be occupying all 15 gyms at the same time, will roll up behind someone who just took one to knock them out.” They also added: “He is my arch nemesis and I don’t have the caffeine or patience to challenge him.”

Fabulous-Ring-6389’s story has a positive ending, as he managed to once again breathe life into a stagnant Pokemon Go community.

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