Pokemon Go player shares simple tip to make the most out of the next Community Day

Lucas Simons
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Pokemon Go is about to have its biggest and last Community Day of the year, and trainers are excited to get all those features and species and learn all those legacy moves. However one trainer shared some insight with the community about which Pokemon should be evolved during this Community Day.

The end year is going to be a busy time for Pokemon Go players since the game is about to roll out its biggest Community Day. This event will close the 2023 calendar with a blast, and then carve a path for the Timeless Travels season to keep bringing more Pokemon content to the mobile game.

Most of the players are wondering which of the featured species is worth their attention, more so considering that during this community day, a great deal of Legacy Moves will be available to be learned by their preferred Pokemon.

And so, a valiant trainer has taken up the heavy task of creating a list of the best Legacy Moves and a rundown of the best Pokemon to evolve during this last Community Day of the year.

Rundown on best Legacy Moves according to Pokemon Go player
This is a list of Legacy Moves that the OP considers to be solid investments.

The list was posted by Reddit user ‘Arturinni’ on the Pokemon Go subreddit, who said: “A ‘quick’ rundown I did on how good are the Community Day moves you can get this weekend upon evolving.” Then proceeded to list out each of the Legacy Moves that can be learned by every species in the 2023 Community Days.

Some of the Legacy Moves include the powerful Brutal Swing, which can be learned by Conkeldurr. And according to the OP is: “A decent pick in PvP Master League.”

For those trainers who haven’t had a chance to evolve their featured Community Day species on time, this is another chance for them to acquire certain powerful and unique moves which normally can only be taught to Pokemon using Elite Charged TMs.

If you are still struggling to understand Trainers battles, here’s a quick guide on which Pokemon are the best for your PvP Team Composition. And to know what’s going to happen after the Community Day is over, here’s the upcoming Winter Holiday Pat 1 & 2 event guide.