Pokemon Go players can get free Community Day Ticket using simple trick

Niladri Sarkar
community day event in pokemon go

Community Day Tickets help Pokemon Go trainers get encounters with all the featured species’ evolutions and also a bunch of exciting freebies. While most give this paid Research a miss, you can actually get it for free!

A few players have shared an easy way to get this free Ticket and it involves using Niantic Campfire, the app that helps Pokemon Go fans connect, take on Raids, and organize events

This emerged after a Reddit user named ‘parsa_rad’ asked if anyone is buying the Research Ticket for Cyndaquil Community Day Classic and if it’s worth it.

The Research costs $1 (or the equivalent pricing in your local currency), and fans said that it’s worth the money, before a player commented: “If you use Campfire and join a community event for community day, you get this research for free.”

This pleasantly surprised many trainers as one wrote, “What?! I did not know this, d*mn*t. Only been buying them for the radars really but would be even better to get it for free!”

While some were unsure if this Campfire perk was available globally, others confirmed it was indeed a worldwide feature, but pointed out that the event should be hosted by a community leader.

Elaborating further, they explained: “So you download the Campfire App from Niantic. Then you grant Location access. If you are lucky enough to live in a city where there is a Pokemon Go community, you can join their group. The group will host meetups for community days or raids.”

They further added that you should reach the meetup location on Community Day, do the “check-in,” and get a code for the Pokemon Go Webstore to redeem the Ticket for free.

Along with the several items you get from using the Community Day Ticket, keep in mind that you can also get the exclusive move on the final evolution of the featured Pokemon, making it ready for Raids and the Go Battle League.