Pokemon Go accidentally reveals April’s Community Day

Lucas Simons
Who's that Pokemon: Bellsprout

The Pokemon Go Community Day is a splendid way to get lots of Pokemon and the next star of this event seems to have been leaked by mistake.

As Pokemon Go players prepare for the Bagon Community Day, a new leak of a teaser trailer spread like wildfire among fans. It would seem that Niantic Latam has mistakenly released the next Pokemon that will be spotlighted on a Community Day.

According to the players, it seems that Bellsprout could be the next Community Day Classic, although, some players believe Chikorita could also be a possibility.

The leak was shared by Trainers GO, a Latam community that specializes in Pokemon Go, and leaked content. This particular leak came from the Pokemon Go Brazil official X account and was immediately taken down after a few minutes of exposure.

There are not too many Pokemon species that have such a particular leaf design, so the candidates can be reduced to Bellsprout, Chikorita, or Nuzleaf. However, the latter is unlikely to be hosted on Community Day since these events are mostly focused on full evolution lines.

In case Niantic reveals more information about the next Community Day, we will surely let you know. In the meantime, you can check the next big event in the World of Wonders hub, and the Spotlight Hour Schedule right here.