Niantic respond to Pokemon Go player complaints by dropping major Routes update

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Niantic Pokemon Go Routes

Pokemon Go players are not happy with the most recent Out to Play event focused on the Routes feature. Niantic have come up with a solution for these troubles by providing a series of quality-of-life improvements with a Routes update.

As Niantic keep improving their Pokemon Go Routes feature, players all over the world are still struggling to find a single Route. Now, the devs have announced a series of quality-of-life improvements to be rolled out during the Out to Play event.

The reality of the Routes feature in Pokemon Go is that many players are having a hard time accessing it. Most players are frustrated with the long approval process, and Niantic launching a series of bans that caused more and more players to avoid using the Wayfarer app to submit new points of interest did not help the situation.

However, according to the official Pokemon Go site, the Routes feature has received several improvements as of September 28, including:

  • Increased Route availability across the world.
  • Reduced level requirement for Trainers to create Routes.
  • Several quality-of-life improvements, including seeing more Routes listed in the Nearby menu, directional arrows on Routes, and a running count of the Zygarde Cells you’ve collected in the Zygarde Cube details.

Niantic also conveyed that in the near future, trainers can expect the feature to keep growing steadily, with more quality-of-life improvements being rolled out, and more Routes being approved. That is, of course, if they meet the many requirements that the company has laid out in their TOS.

Out to Play event Pokemon Go
The Out to Play event, mainly focused on Routes, is causing discord among Pokemon Go players.

Despite the announcement, many players have expressed their concerns about the changes not being sufficient to quell the Routes crisis. One of them wrote: “I submitted 6 routes more than a month ago, none of them are reviewed yet… There are no routes available within the area I live.”

Another concerned player shared their experience: “Still waiting on approvals. I have NO routes nearby. What exactly did ye do to ‘make Routes even better’ !?”

Only time will tell if this issue will continue following the various changes.

While we wait for a resolution on this issue, we have put up a series of useful tips to help you find routes, and here’s a guide with all the bonuses you can get by completing Routes.

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