Pokemon Go community roasts Niantic for “ridiculous” ban spree

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A Paldean Adventure Pokemon Go event ended with trainers praising it as the best in years, and now, Pokemon Go players and Niantic are at odds once again. This time, a strange ban wave has led to frustration within the Pokemon Go community.

It all started with some players taking to Reddit, X, and Threads to reveal that they felt Niantic were allegedly banning them for no reason at all. Players all over the world kept receiving the “Account Suspension Notice” without warning, due to a breach of the Terms of Service.

As the news gathered momentum the Reddit community started to receive thousands of reports of supposed unfair bans, and the reasons for the suspension of the accounts were revealed soon after. It seems that Niantic considered that some Poke Stops and Routes submissions were “fraudulent.”

Pokemon Go players slam ban wave

Niantic’s Terms of Service are pretty clear about this: “We may suspend or terminate your access to and use of the Services, at our sole discretion, at any time and without notice to you, including if (a) you fail to comply with these Terms; (b) we suspect fraud, cheating, or misuse by you of Content or Services; or (c) we suspect any other unlawful activity associated with your Account.”

Apparently, some players have been misusing the Wayfarer System to submit PokeStops and Routes, and after some time, Niantic responded with a wave of bans directed toward a certain group of players. According to player reports, that seems to include some innocent trainers among the fraudulent users.

As Reddit user xray362 expressed: “They are targeting people who are fraudulently submitting stops and unfortunately others are likely getting caught up.”

Niantic have not responded to the allegations of players being unfairly banned yet, but we will keep you posted about new developments.

In the meantime, a new Pokemon Go event is approaching, and here’s all you need to know about Psychic Spectacular and its Special Timed Research.

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