Pokemon Go players find secret HUD change & they love it

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Hud Changes

For Pokemon Go players, having a comfortable HUD (heads-up display) seems to be a great deal, and as Niantic silently implemented some changes to it, they have gathered to praise the mods made to the Event tab.

The latest season, Timeless Travels is on a roll, and Pokemon Go trainers are busy with a lot of new Pokemon coming to the game and are especially enthusiastic about the upcoming debut of Shadow Kyogre with the next Team Rocket Taken Treasures Event.

Many players are quick to disagree when Niantic makes a change that affects negatively the gameplay. But when a change benefits the players, they are also quick to praise the devs too.

And so, a group of Pokemon Go players gathered on Reddit to praise this silent change made to the game HUD.

Until posted by ‘AnimaSean0724’ this small change might have gone unseen, and the members of the Pokemon Go Reddit community are talking about this new HUD change that seamlessly merges the Today and Field Research tabs.

According to the OP, not every Pokemon Go player has seen these changes implemented in their games, and it seems to be rolling out silently, and progressively across the PoGo community:

“Not sure how many people have this at the moment, but it seems like they’re moving current event info, along with Gym and Showcase Pokemon, into the Today tab instead of the Event tab.”

According to some players, their HUD didn’t suffer any changes for the moment, and another player explained: “They seem to be rolling them out in batches. Be patient.”

Many players received the changes positively by saying: “I completely agree, it feels much less cluttered IMO,” and praised the devs for the new and neat HUD: “It’s so much better. So organized now.”

While other players are still hellbent on protesting for other game errors that seem to be plaguing the Pokemon Go community for long: “I’m glad they fix the UI but now they need to work on fixing the issues the game has.”

If you have the new HUD, you are probably having a little trouble finding the next events coming in January, but don’t worry, we got you covered. Here’s a Schedule for Spotlight Hours, and the Upcoming Raids for the season.

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