Pokemon Go players praise secret update to item UI

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense

Pokemon Go trainers are noticing Niantic’s efforts to introduce QoL improvements to the game, and praise the latest buff item enhancement.

Niantic have recently started a QoL improvement campaign for Pokemon Go, as they have been silently rolling out fixes and adding highly requested changes to already existing features. Pokemon trainers have noticed the company’s efforts and are celebrating the buff items improvements being rolled out.

Previously, trainers had to manually enter into their bag menu to activate new buff items, but now, they can do it by clicking on their Pokemon Go screen’s upper right corner, where the buff item counter is.

This was put under the spotlight by Reddit users in TheSilphRoad who have stated they are “loving what Niantic has been working on in small QOL changes in 2024,” including the elimination of the need to constantly open your bag to use buff items.

Reddit user ‘bearabi’ has shared a post where they praise the implementation of ‘Re-activable buff items’ alongside prior changes that had a high approval rate, such as the avatar customization improvements, and the ‘team healing’ feature.

Niantic have also been steadily rolling out a stream of small fixes in the game, and one of the players stated “I’d be happy if Niantic spent the entirety of 2024 fixing bugs and introducing QoL changes.” Players also adhered to this comment by expressing a positive attitude toward the devs’ endeavor.

Remember these changes are being rolled out as silent updates, so it might take some time before they are available in all regions.