How to get Sableye in Pokemon Go & can it be shiny?

Niladri Sarkar
pokeon go sableye with game background

Pokemon Go players are looking to catch the elusive Sableye to add it to their PvP teams and increase their Stardust gains. So here’s how to get Sableye in Pokemon Go and if it can be shiny.

Sableye is a rare Gen 3 species that Pokemon Go players grind hard to find as it is excellent for PvP teams, particularly the Great League.

That’s not all, as it’s one of those few Pokemon that give extra Stardust on being caught making it a prized catch for trainers.

So if you want to get Sableye in Pokemon Go ASAP, here are all the details, including its shiny chances in the mobile game.

How to catch Sableye in Pokemon Go

You can get Sableye in Pokemon Go by catching it from the wild.

pokemon go sableye in the anime
Sableye is a Dark/Ghost-type Pokemon.

While Sableye is a rare spawn, you are more likely to find it in foggy in-game weather. You should know that Sableye spawns will be boosted during the World of Wonders: Taken Over event, running from Wednesday, March 27, 2024, at 12 AM to Sunday, March 31, 2024, at 11:59 PM (local time).

Capturing Sableye rewards you with 750 Stardust, and with a Star Piece active, you can get a whopping 1,125 Stardust from each catch.

Can Sableye be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Sableye is available in Pokemon Go. The odds of encountering it in Pokemon Go is 1 in 128, making it a great shiny to hunt for.

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