Will Pokemon Legends ZA have Mega Evolutions?

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Mega Evolutions Pokemon

Players are trying to figure out everything there is to know about Pokemon Legends ZA, the highly anticipated title that was announced on Pokemon Day 2024. Here’s whether Pokemon Legends Z-A will have Mega Evolutions.

Pokemon Legends ZA is set to bring a brand-new Legends title for Pokemon fans to explore. Since Legends Arceus arrived in 2022, players have been eagerly awaiting news on a follow-up to the well-received change of pace to the mainline games.

Pokemon Day 2024 brought the news that Pokemon Legends Z-A will arrive in 2025, offering a new adventure in Kalos’ Lumiose City. With a return to Kalos on the cards, players are wondering about the return of Mega Evolutions.

Here’s if Pokemon Legends ZA will have Mega Evolutions.

Are Mega Evolutions coming to Pokemon Legends ZA?

While it hasn’t officially been confirmed in writing by The Pokemon Company, Mega Evolutions are set to return in Pokemon Legends ZA after being teased in the official reveal trailer.

Near the end of the trailer, fans can spot the instantly recognizable Mega Evolution symbol before the screen fades to black.

Mega evolutions in Pokemon Legends Z-A.
Mega Evolutions should make a long-awaited return in Pokemon Legends Z-A.

This has quickly led to plenty of speculation on the highly anticipated return of Mega Evolutions, which was a popular feature that debuted in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. It only makes sense to have the feature return in Pokemon Legends ZA, which is expected to take players back to Kalos.

Mega Evolutions have been absent from mainline Pokemon games for six years, since the feature’s latest appearance in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Naturally, players were excited to hear that the fan-favorite feature is set to return.

It remains to be seen which Pokemon will receive the Mega Evolution treatment. However, theories have already started to emerge, with many fans believing the Kalos or Unova starter trios to be the most obvious choices.

As soon as we find out about how Mega Evolutions will be integrated into Legends ZA, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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