Pokemon Legends ZA reveal confirms long-awaited Mega Evolution return

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon legends za mega evolution symbol

The Pokemon Presents has revealed what no one expected, Pokemon Legends ZA set in the Kalos region alongside a surprise return of a fan-favorite gimmick that players have been asking for years.

Fans from all around the world eagerly awaited the Pokemon Presents trailer for Pokemon Day 2024 and, needless to say, the franchise has delivered!

While fans were expecting remakes of the Black and White games after several hints in Scarlet and Violet, the video threw a curveball by instead announcing a Legends addition for Gen 6, located in the Kalos region, with the new game called Pokemon Legends ZA.

But, perhaps the most interesting of all, arguably the franchise’s most popular gimmick ever is all set to return to the meta!

We’ve got you covered, as here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Legends ZA.

Pokemon Legends ZA announced for 2025

The Pokemon Legends ZA has been announced for Nintendo Switch in 2025. With the trailer displaying the phrase ‘urban development plan: Lumiose City,’ as well as the map of the location, we expect thrilling adventures all around this picturesque city! You can check out the video here.

That’s not all as the ‘ZA’ in the game title is a direct reference to the Legendary Zygarde, and fans hope to see more of this popular Pokemon after Pokemon X and Y.

pokemon legends za lumiose city
The Pokemon Legends ZA will be based on the famous Lumiose City.

Mega Evolutions return for Pokemon Legends ZA

The Pokemon Legends ZA trailer ends with the Mega Evolution icon that appears when Mega-evolving a species, confirming the return of the gimmick.

Aside from the current roster, we expect new Megas to be added, giving some popular Pokemon a much-needed boost in the meta.

That was all you needed to know about Pokemon Legends ZA. While you wait for more news on the game, check out the latest species, items, and moves added in Scarlet and Violet, as well as details on the Gen 9 Terastallization gimmick.

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