Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players suspect hidden clue teases new Legends ZA Mega Evolutions

Lucas Simons
Kieran in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk

Trainers are always paying attention to details when playing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. And now, some of them have noticed a series of clues in Kieran’s room, and believe they are hints to Pokemon Legends Z-A content.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and their expansion The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, have been the talk among players since their release back in November 2022. From that date forward, players have always been paying attention to the many clues inside the game which led them to many theories.

Now, with the announcement of Pokemon Legends Z-A, fans have been twisting their gears trying to figure out where are the clues left by the devs for them to find. And now, a group of players have found a curious detail in Kieran’s room, in Blueberry Academy, that sparked a heated debate among fans.

Are these clues related to Kieran’s own obsession with being “the strongest,” or are they something else? Here’s what these Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have been theorizing about these alleged “clues.”

This post was shared by Reddit user ‘OmegaStrike04’ who shared a theory about Kieran’s room decor that many other players seem to have found as “a strong clue” regarding future Mega Evolutions.

The OP also stated that they know Kieran is a “battle freak,” and that he has been investigating a lot of strong Pokemon to add to their team. Many other players also indicated that there’s a “strong possibility that Kieran was investigating the Mega-Evolution phenomenon.”

As you can see in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet screenshot shared by the OP, Malamar, Archaludon, Flygon, and Hitmonlee are the Pokemon that Kieran had been analyzing. And both Flygon and Hitmonlee have been repeatedly marked by fans as “needing a power up.”

One of the players commenting on the post stated that the posters do look like possible Mega evolution material: “I honestly wouldn’t doubt that some of those are the best candidates for new megas. Pretty sure they do it like this so if they can’t implement the hint they can just pass it off like it was never meant to be a hint.”

There’s still a long way before The Pokemon Company reveals more details about Pokemon Legends Z-A, but we will keep you posted in case more hints are officially revealed.

In the meantime, you should stay tuned to current Pokemon Scarlet and Violet events, like the upcoming Iron Hands and Brute Bonnet tera raids, or the next Mass Outbreaks coming soon.

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