All Pokemon X & Y Kalos Gym Leaders

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Kalos region Pokemon XY.

Pokemon X & Y is set in the Kalos region, and like in every mainline game, there’s a Gym Leader ladder to climb until you face the Kalos Pokemon League. So, here’s every Gym Leader in the Kalos region, as well as their Pokemon teams and levels.

Pokemon X and Y were released on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2013, and in 2024, The Pokemon Company is bringing back the Kalos region with Pokemon Legends ZA. So, with this in mind, many are replaying X & Y to re-engage with Mega Evolutions and the Kalos Gym path.

Here’s every Pokemon X&Y Kalos Gym Leader, alongside their teams, levels, and types.

Every Kalos Gym Leader in Pokemon X & Y

Pokemon X & Y features a variety of enemies to face, and the Kalos Gym Leader lineup packs different creatures and types, so here’s all of them with their corresponding teams, types, and counter-types.

Viola – Santalune City Gym

Viola Kalos Gym Leader Pokemon XY
Viola is a Bug-type user, and it’s the first challenge Kalos’ trainers have to face.

As the Gym Leader of Santalune City, Viola specializes in utilizing Bug-type Pokemon. She is partnered with Vivillon, but here’s every Pokemon on her team:

  • Surskit: Level 10 Bug/Water-type Pokemon
  • Vivillion: Level 12 Bug/Flying-type Pokemon

Your best bet is bringing Flying, Rock, and Fire-type Pokemon, which could be countered by Surskit’s Water-type, but as this is the first Gym battle, you won’t have any problems against Viola. Defeating her will reward the Bug Badge, and TM 83 Infestation.

Grant – Cyllage City Gym

Grant Kalos Gym Leader Pokemon XY
Grant is a Rock-type user and packs a Fossil threat as the second Kalos Gym Leader.

Grant is the Gym Leader of Cyllage City and focuses on Rock-type Pokemon. He has the two Kalos fossil Pokemon in his team, Tyrunt and Amaura, and hides some powerful secondary types:

  • Tyrunt: Level 25 Rock/Dragon-type Pokemon
  • Amaura: Level 25 Rock/Ice-type Pokemon

Bring Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, and Grass-type Pokemon to this fight. Be careful with using the Grass-type starter Chespin or its evolutions, as Amaura can hit hard with Ice-type attacks. Defeating him will reward the Cliff Badge and TM 39 Rock Tomb.

Korrina – Shalour City Gym

Korrina in Pokemon XY anime.
Korrina focuses on Fighting-type Pokemon, so don’t bring any Normal-type to her battle.

Korrina is the roller-blade specialist of Shalour City and battles with Fighting-type Pokemon. Most of her team is composed solely of Fighting types, so countering them can be an easy task:

  • Machoke: Level 28 Fighting-type Pokemon
  • Mienfoo Level 29 Fighting-type Pokemon
  • Hawlucha: Level 32 Fighting/Flying-type Pokemon

Your best bet is to bring Flying, Psychic, and Fairy-type Pokemon. Your Flying types can be stopped by Hawlucha, but focusing on Psychic and Fairy types should make this battle a breeze. Defeating her will reward the Rumble Badge and TM 98 Power-Up Punch.

Ramos – Courmaline City Gym

Ramos Pokemon XY.
Ramos is the Grass-type Kalos Gym Leader.

Ramos is part of the Kalos Gym Leader challenge and is the keeper of the Grass badge in Courmaline City. He focuses on Grass-type Pokemon, with a Poison and Flying-type variation.

Here’s his whole team composition and levels:

  • Jumpluff: Level 30 Grass/Flying-type Pokemon
  • Weepinbell: Level 31 Grass/Poison-type Pokemon
  • Gogoat: Level 34 Grass-type Pokemon

Beating Ramos is as easy as bringing any Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, or Ice-type Pokemon into battle. None of his types should bring trouble to a well-prepared team, which should be around level 33 to 35 at this point in the game. Defeating Ramos grants the Grass Badge and TM 86 Grass Knot.

Clemont – Lumiose City Gym

Clemont Kalos Gym Leader.
Clemont is the Electric-type Kalos Gym Leader from Lumiose City.

Clemont guards the Voltage Badge in Kalos with his Electric-type team in Lumiose City. The new Pokemon Legends ZA takes place in this very city in the past, so it’s great to tackle this fight with attention, as details on Clermont’s ancestors might appear when the game releases in 2025.

With another varied team composition, Clemont will face players with:

  • Emolga: Level 35 Electric/Flying-type Pokemon
  • Magneton: Level 35 Electric/Steel-type Pokemon
  • Heliolisk: Level 37 Electric/Normal-type Pokemon

Once you get all the answers right in Clemont’s sister Bonnie’s Q&A, you can face his team, and the best strategy here is to bring Ground-type Pokemon. You can nuke all its Electric-type Pokemon, as well as Magneton’s Steel-type. Once you beat him, you can claim the Voltage Badge and TM 24 Thunderbolt.

Valerie – Laverre City Gym

Valerie in Pokemon XY anime.
Valerie packs the new Kalos region type: Fairy.

When you get to Laverre City in Kalos, you will face Valerie and her Fairy-type Pokemon. She is the first trainer in the Pokemon mainline games to be featured as a Fairy-type Gym leader, and her team can easily break the most powerful Pokemon:

  • Mawile: Level 38 Steel/Fairy-type Pokemon
  • Mr. Mime: Level 39 Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon
  • Sylveon: Level 42 Fairy-type Pokemon

Facing Valerie is no easy task, as the Kalos region Fairy type can be a challenge at this point in the game. Your best bet here is to bring Poison and Steel-type Pokemon into battle, which can help out with her powerful Sylveon. Beating her grants players the Fairy Badge and TM 99 Dazzling Gleam.

Olympia – Anistar City Gym

Olympia in Pokemon XY.
Reaching Olympia is as hard as beating her Psychic-type Pokemon.

Olympia is the Psychic-type Kalos Gym leader in Pokemon XY, and she defends the Psychic badge in Anistar City. To beat her, you need to bring Pokemon counters for her powerful team:

  • Sigilyph: Level 44 Psychic/Flying-type Pokemon
  • Slowking: Level 45 Water/Psychic-type Pokemon
  • Meowstic: Level 48 Psychic-type Pokemon

Besting Olympia requires having at least one or two Ghost, Dark, or Bug types in your team. A powerful Ghost-type special attacker like Gengar can bring down most of her team, but be careful with Meowstic’s Shadow Ball. You will earn the Psychic Badge and TM 04 Calm Mind when you beat her.

Wulfric – Snowbelle City Gym

Wulfric in Pokemon XY.
Wulfric is the last challenge in the Kalos Gym Leader road.

The last challenge in the Kalos Gym Leader list is Wulfric, the Ice-type Pokemon user from Snowbelle City. This is the final step before you reach the Kalos Pokemon League, so be ready to face one of the toughest teams in the game:

  • Cryogonal: Level 55 Ice-type Pokemon
  • Abomasnow: Level 56 Grass/Ice-type Pokemon
  • Avalugg: Level 59 Ice-type Pokemon

Wulfric’s high-level team can be a problem if you don’t bring a powerful Fire-type Pokemon into this fight. Fire-type attacks can nuke Abomasnow, even with its high HP pool, and help with the rest of the Ice types. Besting Wulfric will net you the Iceberg Badge and TM 13 Ice Beam.

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