Overwatch 2 players want this Hero reworked after Roadhog & Sombra

Nathan Warby
Overwatch 2 Heroes fighting

Since Overwatch 2 launched, Blizzard have reworked Heroes that they feel aren’t performing as well as they could, including Sombra and Roadhog. Now, players have picked out the next character they want to receive an overhaul.

Overwatch 2 sets itself apart from the competition with its diverse lineup of Heroes, each with unique abilities. The roster has only grown since the sequel launched, with the likes of Ramattra and Illari being added, and with Mauga still to come in Season 8.

With so many different Heroes to choose from, it’s no surprise that some are more popular than others, and Blizzard have shown they’re not afraid to change those who aren’t working. OW2 Season 7 brought a major Sombra overhaul, before Roadhog received a new ability later in the season.

Now, Overwatch 2 players have picked out the Hero they want to see get a substantial overhaul in a future update.

Reddit user ‘himmyyyyy’ put a post up calling for DPS Hero Cassidy to receive a rework, where they explained that he is “just so unrewarding to play” in his current form. They mentioned his lack of range compared to characters like Ashe, as they said that “no one that plays this hero wants to play him as a close range hero.”

The OP added that they would happily sacrifice some of the Hero’s other abilities in exchange for better range on his primary pistol attacks: “They could remove magnetic grenade and fan the hammer but give him back the range and this hero would feel infinitely better and more fluid.”

Many other Overwatch 2 players agreed that Cassidy is in need of some major changes, arguing that his abilities are less effective than other DPS Heroes.

“His grenade actually makes no sense. Half the time I throw it doesn’t seem to land anywhere useful,” said one reply, before another added: “I really want them to go back to the flashbang. Make tanks immune to it or whatever but every change they make somehow makes it worse.”

There were also plenty of fans asking the devs to reconsider where Cassidy fits in the wider Overwatch 2 meta, and even change his playstyle altogether.

“To me his role was always to deal with backline Tracer and Sombra but he hasn’t been worth using since removing flash bang,” posted another player. “Would love to see him return to the counter flank role, it’s what the game needs right now.”

While Blizzard haven’t confirmed who, if anyone, will be receiving the next big rework in OVerwatch 2, players clearly feel that Cassidy should be first in line. Only time will tell if the devs take action in a future patch.

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