Overwatch 2 players claim ‘senseless’ Pharah rework won’t fix Mercy pocket

Nathan Warby
DPS Hero Pharah in OW2Blizzard

The Overwatch 2 Season 9 update brings a major rework to DPS Hero Pharah, but players have called out the changes made to her character, claiming they “make no sense.”

Overwatch 2 Season 9 is finally upon us, bringing a host of content to Blizzard’s Hero shooter. The update introduces a ton of Competitive changes, such as the new Jade weapons, as well as the fresh Battle Pass and character buffs and nerfs players have come to expect.

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The Hero that received the biggest overhaul in the new season is Pharah, who was handed a major rework that included a new Jet Dash ability, a buff to her damage output, as well as significant movement changes.

According to Blizzard’s Season 9 blog, one of the goals for the rework was to “empower Pharah to make more individual plays and lessen her reliance on heroes like Mercy.” However, Overwatch 2 players aren’t convinced by the changes.

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Responding to an X post from ‘OW Cavalry’ detailing the overhaul, a number of fans questioned whether improving Pharah’s damage and health, as well as Mercy’s health, would actually prevent the ‘pocket’ tactic that many players use.

“Doesn’t making her good without Mercy make her broken with Mercy?” said one reply, before another added: “Nah the Mercy is still probably going to pocket the Pharah. But now she’ll be able to maneuver more.”

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OW2 players also called out the decision to “introduce brief moments of downtime for Pharah’s flight” in Season 9, by forcing her to land and refuel her Hover Jets. Many felt this tweak “makes no sense” as flying is what differentiates her from other Heroes.

“Ah yes, take the airtime out of the character who’s literally supposed to fly. Who thought that was a good idea?” said one angry player, while others argued this change makes the Hero “less unique.”

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Only time will tell how the Pharah rework, paired with the new passive healing changes to all characters, will affect the meta in Season 9. But don’t be surprised to see a major shift in the pick rates in response to these changes, especially in Competitive.

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