Overwatch 2 players slam “disastrous” leaked patch notes

Emily Stander
Pharah Barrage in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 pro player Rapul leaked the patch notes for Season 9, and the update is coming with some massive changes. Players are divided, however, on how these tweaks are going to affect the game. 

The leaked Overwatch 2 Season 9 patch notes see massive changes to Hero Role Passives, Hero HP across the board, and a rework for Pharah. Overwatch 2 has not seen a change as big as this one yet, and as a result, fans are a little divided on what has been shared. 

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While some players say they want to wait and see how the patch notes will affect the game, others have less positive things to say about what is coming. In a post on Reddit, one player said that the mentioned hitbox increase is “disastrous.” 

“Assuming the leaks are real, these changes straight up reducing the mechanical skill expression in the game is ridiculous. Projectiles and bullets should be hard to hit,” they explained. 

While the change seems to be distressing to some players, one pointed out that it may be needed to compensate for the HP buffs all Heroes will get. “They didn’t want to futz with certain damage breakpoints so instead damage becomes more consistent,” they explained. 

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Some players are waiting to see how these changes will affect the game, as it’s hard to tell when the update is now live. Since Overwatch 2 hasn’t seen an update like this before, some players are struggling to make a judgment call right now. 

“I think it will take a few months or longer to really come to terms with. I actually think this has potential to feel like as big of a change than 5v5 did at first,” one player explained in a Reddit post titled “To those saying ‘If the leaks are real, I’ve lost hope’ please be serious.”

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In that same post, the OP pointed out that there is no way that players can realistically tell whether these changes will be good or bad yet. “If these changes are real, there is absolutely no chance any of us can form a proper opinion without first trying them for a few days,” they said. 

The leaked patch notes are not officially from Blizzard, but once they have confirmed the changes coming in Season 9 we will update you on everything we know. 

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In the meantime, you can check out the Pharah changes that were revealed in the leaked patch notes and every Hero buff and nerf listed for Season 9.

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