Overwatch 2 players beg devs to give “useless” Reinhardt some love

Stephanie Zucarelli
Reinhardt in Overwatch 2

While Overwatch 2 latest update introduced a major buff for Illari, players are wondering why Blizzard doesn’t pay any attention to Reinhardt, a Tank that’s in major need of a rework.

Overwatch 2 players are just getting to grips with the major overhaul introduced with the Season 9 update. Besides the healing passive added to all Heroes and the increase in projectile sizes, users were intrigued by Pharah’s rework. However, most fans feel that Blizzard is completely ignoring Reinhardt, a staple Tank that has been getting the short end of the stick in every patch.

In a Reddit post called “Reinhardt needs love,” player “Low-Candidate-8845” explained why this beloved character hasn’t been working since the Overwatch 2 release, and why he seems to have been forgotten in favor of other Tanks such as Rammatra or Mauga.

“Reinhardt has been in a really dark place since the launch of OW2, however since the developers think he’s ‘easy to play’ they just leave him where he is. Now after the mid-season of season 9 Reinhardt is officially the worst tank in the game by a seriously high margin, and he really needs some love,” said the OP.

They went on to describe that Reinhardt’s abilities can’t even defeat squishy enemies and that the Charge skill has become very inconsistent. “You literally hit people and, and instead of pin, you just boop them to safety,” they commented.

While Reinhardt is one of the franchise’s classic characters, fans agree that there isn’t a place for him in Overwatch 2 current meta. As the OP said, most Tanks outperform him and even Supports currently have specific abilities to escape or be immune to Reinhardt’s swings.

In addition, the player described that Reinhardt currently needs too much healing to survive every clash, and that he seems to need a dedicated healer. This leads to him being vulnerable and even unable to dive, which makes the Tank tied to the payload and dependent on his team’s movement.

“Almost like Tanks needed a full rework switching from 5v5 to 6v6 rather than simply more HP and slightly stronger abilities,” commented another player, while most Overwatch 2 players agreed that seeing an enemy Tank on Rein almost let them assume that they were going to win the match.

While we wait for Blizzard to officially address the much-needed Reinhardt rework, you can check why Overwatch 2 players demand a major buff for Illari, and why players want a major size down for Flashpoint maps.

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