Overwatch 2 dev finally confirms Bastion and Torbjorn return date

Nathan Warby
Bastion in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 heroes Bastion and Torbjorn have been out of action for well over a week as Blizzard look to fix issues with their abilities. Now, a dev has confirmed when the long-time characters will return to Overwatch 2 matches.

Overwatch 2 has enjoyed a successful launch, as millions of players dropped in to see what Blizzard had up their sleeve in the hero shooter sequel. For the most part, players have enjoyed tackling the new heroes and grinding through the Competitive ranks.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, though, as early server issues and a host of bugs have hindered the experience slightly for some.

The devs even had to temporarily remove a couple of Overwatch 2’s most beloved heroes, Bastion and Torbjorn, leaving certain players without their DPS mains. Luckily, the devs have confirmed when the fan favorites will be returning.

In an October 19 tweet, Overwatch Commercial Leader and Blizzard Vice President, Jon Spector, confirmed that both Bastion and Torbjorn will make their comeback on October 25 – 15 days after they were first disabled.

“Good news, everyone. Bastion and Torbjorn have been located in Junkertown, and we are arranging for them to rejoin the other agents of Overwatch on 10/25,” Spector said.

The two heroes have been missing from Overwatch 2 while the devs “iron out a few bugs in their ability kits,” preventing players from using Torbjorn in Ranked Play and Bastion in any mode.

The same October 25 update that will see the return of the DPS characters, will also bring the Junkertown map back into rotation.

A glitch was discovered where shooting a random piece of scrap around the map would cause the FPS to dip severely for everyone in the lobby. Ranked players were then using this exploit to win matches by coordinating with their team.

The map has now been removed from all queues while the team work on a fix. Thankfully, there isn’t too long to wait before Junkertown, as well as Bastion and Torbjorn, make their long-awaited return.

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Image credits: Blizzard Entertainment

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