Overwatch 2 players call for devs to double down on Torbjorn’s turret

Emily Stander
Torbjorn in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s players feel the fast-paced gameplay doesn’t suit the slower style of Torbjorn very often, and many are calling for a rework to make him more viable – without sacrificing his turret.

Each Overwatch 2 Hero has had a place in the meta at one point or another, with very few exceptions. One of these is Torbjorn – the loveable Swedish engineer and father of Brigitte. 

He saw a major change a few years ago, but his turret has always been a staple of his arsenal. Blizzard has mentioned that they are looking to make him less reliant on his turret, but some players disagree with this direction

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“I understand his play style doesn’t suit OW2 very well but the turret is so much part of his identity and they have taken most of that away,” Redditor ‘Culkin_’ said in a post.

“Instead of tossing the turret somewhere and forgetting, his play style should be more about positioning, protecting and nursing the turret. Even Torbs’ hammer barely gets used anymore.”

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While some players said that they were for the changes that would make Torbjorn less reliant on his turret, more had a few interesting points to make against the change. One, specifically, spoke to the accessibility of Overwatch 2 and how Torbjorn helps them with that. 

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“As someone who is older and has poor aim due to vision problems, I think the decision to rely more on aim is great for people who whine about heroes being too easy, but it pushes out players like myself who have a serious ceiling on our mechanical skill,” the player explained. 

Another player pointed out that, like Symmetra who got her rework to enhance her personality a little more, Torbjorn should get the same treatment. “It’s not just the turret, it’s the idea of being an engineer. An inventor even. Symmetra embodies that. Torbjorn should too in a different way,” they commented. 

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Overall, the idea was that Torbjorn does have a place in Overwatch 2 in his current state, but players don’t want the originality of his character to be taken away. Players mentioned that if Blizzard goes too far in the opposite direction, it runs the risk of becoming a typical FPS shooter with no real personality. 

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