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Overwatch 2 Bastion bug turns Ultimate into overpowered Call of Duty Killstreak

A major Bastion bug has been discovered din Overwatch 2 which turns the hero’s Ultimate into an overpowered CoD Killstreak.



Bastion in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 players have noticed an extremely broken bug with hero Bastion that turns his Ultimate ability into an overpowered Call of Duty Killstreak.

Overwatch 2 has not long been released as a free-to-play sequel to Blizzard Entertainment’s extremely popular hero shooter, and the launch didn’t go as smoothly as the devs may have liked.

Players experienced long server queues, preventing them from enjoying the first few days of the new Overwatch game. While this and the cost of skins was disappointing for players, the issue seems to be resolved and players are finally getting to experience Overwatch 2.

With that said, as it is a new game, there are bound to be new bugs and issues that players pick up on, and the latest turns Bastion’s Ultimate ability into a Call of Duty Killstreak.

Reddit user ILCaponchi highlighted this glitch on the Overwatch subreddit, showing just how overpowered and broken the glitch is, calling it a “major bug.”

Bastion’s Ult is an Artillery Strike, and he is able to send up to three “powerful artillery shells,” until the timer runs out. Ultimately, this bug is causing havoc as it allows Bastion to send as many artillery shells as the player wants “until the time goes out.”

Clearly, the community would like this bug to be removed, highlighting the issue and leaving comments on the post that share negative feelings towards the Bastion exploit.

It’s not very difficult to do the bug, as it’s just a case of timing Bastion’s last artillery shot with a press of the Ultimate button, leaving players frustrated in the comments: “It’s also pretty dumb how easy this is to do.”

Players in the comments are also sharing their in-game experiences, “I saw this happen in a game and thought his ult was just OP. Hope it gets fixed soon.”

We’ll have to wait and see how long it is until the bug is patched, but for now, just keep an eye out for Bastion’s cruising the battlefield, and be weary that you might just get a rain of unfair artillery shells down upon your team.

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Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment