Overwatch 2 Custom Game hints at battle royale mode

Liam Mackay
Junker Queen Hero in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2, the sequel to Blizzard’s hit hero shooter went live on October 4, pitting players against each other in competitive 5v5 multiplayer. However, it looks like Overwatch could receive battle royale after a ‘Survivor’ mode was found in the Custom Games.

After the massive success of battle royales such as PUBG and Fortnite, the gaming landscape took a major shift. Even games known for their classic multiplayer are taking on the battle royale format with Warzone and the upcoming Warzone 2 being a major success for Call of Duty, and a Halo BR rumored to be in development.

Overwatch 2, the sequel to the beloved 6v6 hero shooter arrived on October 4, bringing major changes such as new maps, Heroes, an overhauled Competitive mode, and a 5v5 format.

But, it looks like Blizzard are cashing in on the battle royale genre too, with the Survivor mode found in the Custom Games.

Overwatch 2 Survivor mode hints at battle royale

As spotted by the news page Overwatch Cavalry, Overwatch 2’s Custom Games include a new game mode called Survivor.

Survivor appears to be a free-for-all elimination mode that features the battle royale genre’s classic ever-closing ring to bring players together and keep the action flowing. The settings for the mode allow players to tweak the Circle Close Speed Multiplier and Start Timer, as well as the size of the final circle.

However, even though Survivor can be found in Overwatch 2’s Custom Games, it doesn’t appear to be working. Overwatch Cavalry reported that the circle doesn’t show up, so it’s likely a work in progress.

When Survivor will go live is anyone’s guess, but Overwatch 2 has adopted seasonal content with Season 1 already live and Season 2 expected in December. So, we should see Survivor’s full arrival in one of these seasonal updates.

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Image Credit: Blizzard

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