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Best Overwatch 2 controller settings: Controller layout, sensitivity, Aim Assist, Gyro, more

Overwatch 2 is a difficult game to master. One way you can improve is by utilizing the best controller settings possible.



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If you’re playing Overwatch 2 using a controller, having the best settings can make a monumental difference to your performance. Make sure you’re at the top of your game with our guide to the best controller layouts, sensitivity, aim assist settings, and more.

Overwatch 2 is here, with the free-to-play sequel to Blizzard’s blockbuster FPS title capturing the imagination of gamers around the world.

From new heroes like Kirko, Junker Queen, and Sojourn, to major gameplay changes like the move to 5v5, OW2 has truly shaken things up, and it’s no surprise that players are flocking to the game in their droves.

If you enjoy playing as your favorite Heroes using a controller, then it’s imperative that you have the best controller settings to give you an advantage against your opponents. Whether you play on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, here are the best Overwatch 2 controller settings.

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Best Overwatch 2 controller settings

Aim Settings

  • Horizontal Sensitivity: 65
  • Vertical Sensitivity: 45

We recommend making your Vertical Sensitivity lower than your Horizontal in Blizzard‘s Overwatch 2, as this will make your aim a lot smoother when it comes to targeting enemies at different heights.


  • Aim Assist Strength: 100
  • Aim Assist Window Size: 70
  • Aim Assist Legacy Mode: Off
  • Aim Assist Ease-In: 0-20
  • Aim Smoothing: 95
  • Aim Ease-In: 0-20
  • Invert Vertical Look: Off
  • Invert Horizontal Look: Off
  • Vibration: On or Off (Preference)
  • Switch Movement and Look Sticks: Off
  • Legacy Sticks: Off
  • Aim Technique: Linear Ramp or Dual Zone

While on controller, you are going to want to make the most of Aim Assist, especially if you are planning to enable crossplay. That being said, we recommend having your Aim Assist on 100, as well as your Aim Assist Ease-In and Aim Ease-In at around 0-20 so that you can get to your target fast and effectively.

Depending on how confident you are with your aim, you can choose between Linear Ramp and Dual Zone Aim Techniques. Linear Ramp requires more control and precision, while Dual Zone benefits those who are less confident in their aim at high sensitivities.

Gyro Settings (Nintendo Switch/Motion controls)

  • Gyro Aiming: On
  • Gyro Aiming Aim Assist: On
  • Gyro option Presets: Custom


  • Invert Gyro-Aiming Pitch Axis: Off
  • Invert Gyro-Aiming YAW Axis: On
  • Invert Gyro-Aiming Roll Axis: Off
  • Gyro-Aiming Pitch Axis Sensitivity: 0
  • Gyro-Aiming YAW Axis Sensitivity: 75
  • Gyro-Aiming ROLL Axis Sensitivity: 30
  • Disable Gyro While Using Stick: On

Gyro settings are for those playing on the Nintendo Switch with motion controls rather than analog sticks.

For those using Gyro settings, we recommend going with a custom preset, using our recommended values and then adjusting to whatever feels most comfortable.

Best crosshair settings in Overwatch 2

  • Type: Crosshairs


  • Show Accuracy: On
  • Color: White
  • Thickness: 1
  • Crosshair Length: 10
  • Center Gap: 25%
  • Opacity: 100%
  • Outline Opacity: 90%
  • Dot Size: 4
  • Dot Opacity: 100%
  • Scale with Resolution: On

Depending on your preference, you can change the color, thickness, length, and more when it comes to your crosshairs in Overwatch 2. We recommend customizing your crosshair to be smaller than the default, as this will help pinpoint your aim.

That’s all for the best Overwatch 2 controller settings, but if you’re more of a PC player, be sure to check out the best settings for PC and how to boost your FPS on Overwatch 2.

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment