Is John Cena coming to Overwatch 2? The Enigma’s identity revealed

Stephanie Zucarelli
Overwatch 2 John Cena possible collab

While Overwatch 2 players are waiting for Season 6, the professional wrestler and actor John Cena had a surprise in store for them. Here’s what John Cena is doing in Overwatch 2 Season 6.

Blizzard officially revealed what the mysterious messages appearing in Overwatch 2 were about. Fans were correct in their assumption that the developers were collaborating with the professional wrestler and actor John Cena, although not in the way many of them wished.

The rumors started when Overwatch 2 content creators were interrupted by mysterious messages in-game leading to the upcoming Overwatch 2 Invasion update. Players noticed when streamer Nathan ‘KarQ’ Chan was ‘hacked’, an HTML-style code appeared with a hidden message inside.

As Reddit user Umarri pointed out, the lines included a shortened URL that links to an image reading “JC” and includes a font family called ‘Felix-Antony” (John Cena’s two middle names). This mysterious code also adds the color code ‘#042377’, which translates simply to April 23, 1977, the day Cena was born.

It’s true that John Cena was pleased with how his Fortnite collaboration turned out, so he might be looking to be more involved in the gaming scene with a bunch of WWE-inspired cosmetics.

Overwatch 2 John Cena collaboration revealed

Blizzard have finally revealed that John Cena was The Enigma, a mysterious ‘hacker’ behind the interrupted streams of popular content creator such as Shroud, Emongg, Kyedae, and Scump.

This is the first time that Overwatch 2 has collaborated with a real-life figure, although fans were on the right track when suspecting the involvement of Cena in the popular FPS.

According to the brief trailer showcasing The Enigma, he observes the omnic uprisings in Overwatch 2 Invasion and is trying to alert former agents of Overwatch about these attacks. “Answer the call, heroes. It’s time to fight back,” says The Enigma, which is revealed to be John Cena himself after removing his hood. After sending the message, he removes his hood, revealing not an animated character, but John Cena himself.

We’ll keep you posted about more collaborations involving the master of “You Can’t See Me”.

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