Overwatch 2 x Transformers skins, challenges & rewards

Nathan Warby
Transformes x Overwatch 2 collab

Overwatch 2 is no stranger to a crossover, following the likes of Cowboy Bebop and even Porsche in recent seasons. Season 11 has just rolled out the long-awaited Transformers collaboration, where players can get cosmetics inspired by Autobots and Decepticon factions.

So, here’s everything about the Overwatch 2 x Transformers collab, including its end date and all the cosmetics that you can get.

OW2 x Transformers crossover start & end date

The Transformers event was released in Overwatch 2 on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, and it will be live until July 22, 2024.

Until then, players can purchase the OW2 x Transformers bundles from the in-game shop and complete all its challenges for free rewards.

Overwatch 2 Transformers skins

  • Arcee Illari Bundle (2,500 Overwatch Coins)
    • Arcee Illari Legendary Skin
    • Transformers Victory Pose
    • Transformers- Illari Name Card
    • Transformers- Illari Player Icon
    • “Underestimate me” voice line
Illari Arcee skin from Transformers x OW 2
Illari got the Arcee skin, inspired by the daughter of Optimus Prime.
  • Bumblebee Bastion Bundle (2,500 Overwatch Coins)
    • Bumblebee Bastion Legendary Skin
    • Autobots Highlight Intro
    • Transformers Victory Pose
    • Transformers – Bastion Name Card
    • Transformers – Bastion Player Icon
Bastion's Bumblebee skin from OW 2 x Transformers collab
Bastion got the popular Bumblebee skin from the Autobots faction.
  • Megatron Ramattra Bundle (2,500 Overwatch Coins)
    • Megatron Ramattra Legendary Skin
    • Decepticons Highlight Intro
    • Transformers Victory Pose
    • Transformers – Ramattra Name Card
    • Transformers – Ramattra Player Icon
    • “I Will Win” Voiceline
    • “Power Flows” Voiceline
Ramattra Megatron skinfrom Transformers x OW 2
Ramattra got to dress up as Megatron, the iconic villain from Transformers.
  • Optimus Prime Reinhardt (2,500 Overwatch Coins)
    • Optimus Prime Reinhardt (Legendary)
    • Autobots Highlight Intro
    • Transformers Victory Pose
    • Transformers – Reinhardt Name Card
    • Transformers – Reinhardt Player Icon
    • “Do Not Forget” Voiceline
    • “The Future is Forged” Voiceline
Optimus Prime Reinhardt skin
Reinhardt got the skin of Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots faction.

The Overwatch 2 x Transformers introduces new skins for Bastion, Illari Ramattra, and Reinhardt as it was teased in the comic released on July 5.

Players can get the Transformers Mega Bundle from the in-game shop for 5,900 Overwatch coins, or they have the option to purchase each character bundle individually.

Challenges & rewards

Prime TimeComplete 20 games. Wins grant double progress.Autobots Player Icon, 5,000 Battle Pass XP
High FlierComplete 40 games. Wins grant double progress.Decepticons Player Icon, 5,000 Battle Pass XP
Buzz-WorthyComplete 60 games. Wins grant double progress.Transformers Autobots Name Card, 5,000 Battle Pass XP
Power Hungry!Complete 80 games. Wins grant double progress.Transformers Decepticons Name Card, 5,000 Battle Pass XP
Till All Are OneComplete 100 games. Wins grant double progress.Heroic Autobot Player Title, 5,000 Battle Pass XP
Cybertronian LegendComplete 120 games. Wins grant double progress.Decepticon Gladiator Player Title, 5,000 Battle Pass XP

You can complete these challenges to get the OW2 X Transformers collab free rewards, which include 30,000 Battle Pass XP, Autobots and Decepticons Player Icon and Name Cards, and the Hero Autobot and Decepticon Gladiator Player Title.

That’s not all that the Season 11 update has in store either, as there’s set to be a new Battle Pass packed with Ultrawatch skins, as well as the opportunity to earn a free Aztec Sombra bundle.

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