Overwatch 2 players call out “low effort” Highlight Intros

Emily Stander
Baptiste running in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 players have called out the Highlight Intros featured in the current and previous Battle Pass for being “low effort.”

Overwatch 2 has a variety of cosmetics to use for each Hero, and Highlight Intros have historically been some of the fan favorites. They show up at the end of the game if you get Play of the Game and play just before any clips you took to share yourself.

However, fans have been disappointed in the quality of the new Highlight Intros. ‘Spectrum_Gamer’ posted about it on Reddit, saying, “They’re literally the bare minimum, when you compare them to Highlight Intros the game launched with, they’re literally just ‘Pans to the side, hero does generic pose’ and that’s it.”

Overwatch 2 fans have been disappointed with in-game cosmetics since the game launched in 2022, especially with new skins and Highlight Intros. A lot of the criticism from players seems to target the re-using of cosmetics that already exist in the game that get some new paint slapped on them. 

“A lot of the past couple of passes intros seem to be using poses or emotes that the hero has, and an external camera mode around as they do it,” a fan commented. “The best example off the top of my head is the Baptiste intro from last season – I’m pretty sure it is just him doing his recon walk emote.”

“Call it low effort or defend Blizzard and say it fits others from the past – in any case I agree that it feels underwhelming to me and doesn’t suit my taste,” they continued.

The new model that Overwatch 2 uses for fans to get cosmetics could be grounds for why they are disappointed in the state of cosmetics. Originally, Overwatch gave fans an option to earn rewards for free in-game after a single purchase of the game itself.

Now, players have to pay money frequently to get the cosmetics they want. They feel, if that must be the case, that the cosmetics could be better and more varied. 

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