All Overwatch 2 Heroes: Character abilities & backgrounds in OW2

Nikhil Bahuguna
Sojourn, Kiriko, and Junker Queen in Overwatch 2 posterBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 features a ton of playable characters called Heroes, and every Hero has unique abilities suited to their role. Here are all the Overwatch 2 Heroes and their abilities, including the next OW2 Hero and more.

Overwatch 2 is undoubtedly one of the biggest FPS titles in 2024, with Blizzard consistently pushing new content for millions of players to enjoy. The devs introduced a new Tank, Mauga, in the title with the launch of Season 8, which is now approaching its final few weeks.

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Naturally, many in the community are gearing up for what’s to come in Season 9. Despite the balance changes and new characters, the core gameplay remains the same. So, for you to succeed and climb up the ranks, it’s important to understand the abilities and roles of every Hero in OW2.

That said, here are all the Overwatch 2 Heroes along with their abilities and more.

All Overwatch 2 Heroes: Release dates, country of origin, age, more

Overwatch 2 has 39 Heroes after the introduction of Mauga in Season 8, and every character has a set role – Damage (DPS), Tank, or Support.

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Here’s every Overwatch 2 Hero that’s playable in Season 8 in alphabetical order, with their release dates, age, and nationality:

  • Ana: Released on July 19, 2016, from Egypt, and 62 years old.
  • Ashe: Released on November 2, 2018, from the United States, and 41 years old.
  • Baptiste: Released on March 19, 2019, from Haiti, and 36 years old.
  • Bastion: Released on May 24, 2016, omnium-produced from Sweden, and 32 years old.
  • Brigitte: Released on March 20, 2018, from Sweden, and 23 years old.
  • Cassidy: Released on May 24, 2016, from the United States, and 37 years old.
  • D.Va: Released on May 24, 2016, from South Korea, and 19 years old.
  • Doomfist: Released on July 27, 2017, from Nigeria, and 45 years old.
  • Echo: Released on April 14, 2020, from Switzerland, and 14 years old.
  • Genji: Released on May 24, 2016, from Japan, and 35 years old.
  • Hanzo: Released on May 24, 2016, from Japan, and 38 years old.
  • Illari: Released on August 10, 2023, from Peru, and 18 years old.
  • Junker Queen: Released on June 28, 2022, from Australia, and 31 years old.
  • Junkrat: Released on May 24, 2016, from Australia, and 25 years old.
  • Kiriko: Released on October 4, 2022, from Japan, and 21 years old.
  • Lifeweaver: Released on April 11, 2023, from Atlantic Arcology, and 31 years old.
  • Lucio: Released on May 24, 2016, from Brazil, and 26 years old.
  • Mauga: Released on December 5, 2023, from Samoa, and 37 years old.
  • Mei: Released on May 24, 2016, from China, and 31 years old.
  • Mercy: Released on May 24, 2016, from Switzerland, and 37 years old.
  • Moira: Released on November 16, 2017, from Ireland, and 48 years old.
  • Orisa: Released on March 21, 2017, from Numbani, Africa, and 1 year old.
  • Pharah: Released on May 24, 2016, from Egypt, and 32 years old.
  • Ramattra: Released on December 6, 2022, from Nepal, and 28 years old.
  • Reaper: Released on May 24, 2016, from Italy, and 60 years old.
  • Reinhardt: Released on May 24, 2016, from Germany, and 61 years old.
  • Roadhog: Released on May 24, 2016, from Australia, and 48 years old.
  • Sigma: Released on July 23, 2019, from the Netherlands, and 64 years old.
  • Sojourn: Released on April 26, 2022, from Canada, and 51 years old.
  • Soldier: 76: Released on May 24, 2016, from the United States, and 58 years old.
  • Sombra: Released on November 15, 2016, from Mexico, and 30 years old.
  • Symmetra: Released on May 24, 2016, from India, and 28 years old.
  • Torbjorn: Released on May 24, 2016, from Sweden, and 57 years old.
  • Tracer: Released on May 24, 2016, from the United Kingdom, and 26 years old.
  • Widowmaker: Released on May 24, 2016, from France, and 33 years old.
  • Winston: Released on May 24, 2016, from the Moon (Lunar Colony), and 29 years old.
  • Wrecking Ball: Released on July 24, 2018, a sentient hamster from the Moon, and 16 years old.
  • Zarya: Released on May 24, 2016, from Russia, and 28 years old.
  • Zenyatta: Released on May 24, 2016, from Nepal, and 33 years old.
Mauga in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment
Mauga is the latest Hero in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Hero roles

Damage (DPS), Tank, and Support are the three roles in Overwatch 2, however, unlike the original title, each role has a passive ability, and these are:

  • DPS: 35% reload speed buff for 2.5 seconds after getting an elimination.
  • Tanks: 30% knockback resistance against crowd control abilities and provide 50% less Ultimate charge to the enemies when taking damage.
  • Supports: Heal 15 HP/second when not under fire for 1.5 seconds.
  • All Heroes: Upon switching characters, you don’t lose your Ultimate charge. Instead, the Ultimate charge will carry over to the new Hero.

Overwatch 2 Heroes abilities

Here are all of the 39 Heroes’ abilities in Overwatch 2:

Overwatch 2 HeroAbilities
AnaSLEEP DART: Fires a dart that puts an enemy to sleep.
BIOTIC GRENADE: Throws a grenade that heals and increases healing on allies, while damaging and preventing healing on enemies. 
NANO BOOST: Increases an ally’s damage, while reducing damage taken.
AsheCOACH GUN: Blast enemies in front of you and knock yourself backward.
DYNAMITE: Throw an explosive that detonates after a short delay or immediately when shot.
B.O.B: Deploy Bob. He charges forward and knocks enemies into the air, then attacks with his arm cannons.
BaptisteREGENERATIVE BURST: Activate to heal yourself and nearby allies over time.
IMMORTALITY FIELD: Toss a device that prevents allies from dying. The device can be destroyed.
AMPLIFICATION MATRIX: Project a matrix that doubles the damage and healing effects of allied projectiles.
EXO BOOTS: Hold crouch to jump higher.
BastionA-36 TACTICAL GRENADE: Grenade that can bounce off walls as well as stick to floors and enemies.
CONFIGURATION RECON: Bastion can walk like a standard hero and fire his fully automatic machine gun.
CONFIGURATION ASSAULT: Bastion can transform into a tank and fire his minigun while moving.
IRONCLAD: 20% damage reduction while in Artillery and Assault mode.
CONFIGURATION ARTILLERY: Bastion is rooted to the ground and can fire three shells anywhere on the map, dealing damage to opponents.
BrigitteREPAIR PACK: Heals an ally for a short duration.
WHIP SHOT: Launch your flail forward to knock an enemy away from you.
BARRIER SHIELD: Hold right-click to deploy a frontal energy barrier.
SHIELD BASH: Available when Barrier Shield is deployed. Dash forward to knock back an enemy.
RALLY: Move faster and provide armor to nearby allies.
INSPIRE: Striking enemies with your flail heals nearby allies.
CassidyCOMBAT ROLL: Roll in the direction you’re moving and reload.
MAGNETIC GRENADE: Grenade that’s attracted to enemies and can stick to them, dealing damage when it explodes.
DEADEYE: Face off against your enemies, targeting all foes in your sightline. Can be activated again to deal damage to everyone you’ve targeted in your view.
D.VABOOSTERS: Fly in the direction you are facing.
DEFENSE MATRIX: Block projectiles in an area in front of you.
MICRO MISSILES: Launch a volley of explosive rockets.
SELF-DESTRUCT: Eject and overload your mech, causing it to explode after a short time.
CALL MECH: Call down a new mech.
EJECT!: Eject out of your mech when it is destroyed.
DoomfistSEISMIC SLAM: Leap forward and smash the ground.
POWER BLOCK: Enter a defensive stance reducing 90% of damage from enemies in front of you. If 100 damage is blocked, your next Rocket Punch will be supercharged.
ROCKET PUNCH: Hold to charge then release to launch forward and knock an enemy back. Damage increases if the enemy hits a wall.
METEOR STRIKE: Press Q to leap up into the air. Move the targeting circle, then press ABILITY 3 to strike the targeted area.
EchoSTICKY BOMBS: Fire a volley of sticky bombs that detonate after a delay.
FLIGHT: Fly forward quickly and then free-fly briefly.
FOCUSING BEAM: Channel a beam for a few seconds. Deals very high damage to targets under half health.
DUPLICATE: Become a copy of the targeted enemy hero. They cannot swap heroes for the duration.
GLIDE: Hold jump to glide while falling.
GenjiDEFLECT: Deflect incoming projectiles towards the direction you are aiming and block melee attacks.
SWIFT STRIKE: Rapidly dash forward and inflict damage on enemies. Eliminations reset the cooldown.
DRAGONBLADE: Unsheathe a deadly melee weapon.
CYBER-AGILITY: Climb on walls and double jump.
HanzoSTORM ARROWS: The next 5 arrows fire instantly at reduced damage.
SONIC ARROW: Reveals enemies for a short time upon impact.
LUNGE: Double Jump.
DRAGONSTRIKE: Launch a deadly Dragon Spirit that devastates enemies it passes through.
WALL CLIMB: Jump at walls to climb up them.
IllariSOLAR RIFLE (Primary): Long-range auto-charging rifle.
SOLAR RIFLE (Alt): Medium-range healing beam that consumes solar energy.
OUTBURST: Launches you in the direction you are moving, knocking back enemies. Hold jump to go higher.
HEALING PYLON: Deploy a pylon that heals allies.
CAPTIVE SUN: Fire an explosive ball of solar energy. Enemies hit are slowed and explode after taking significant damage.
KirikoHEALING OFUDA: Fire up to ten healing talismans at a time toward allies.
KUNAI: Throw small knives one at a time that deal damage to enemies.
WALL CLIMB: Jump at walls to climb up them.
PROTECTION SUZU: Throw a bell-shaped projectile that makes allies briefly invulnerable and cleanses negative status effects.
KITSUNE RUSH: Summons a loyal fox spirit that leaves a path of gateways that provide Kiriko and her teammates a buff that increases movement speed, rate of fire, and cooldowns.
Junker QueenSCATTERGUN: Pump-action Shotgun.
JAGGED BLADE: Passive: Quick Melee wounds enemies, dealing damage over time. Active: Throw your blade. Can re-activate to return it.
ADRENALINE RUSH: Heal from all damage over time dealt by wounds.
COMMANDING SHOUT: Increase health by 200 and nearby allies health by 100. Increase movement speed by 30%.
CARNAGE: Swing your axe to wound all enemies in front of you, dealing damage over time.
RAMPAGE: Charge forward. Wound enemies, dealing damage over time and preventing them from being healed.
JunkratCONCUSSION MINE: Throw a knockback mine with LSHIFT then detonate it with ABILITY 1.
STEEL TRAP: Place an immobilizing trap.
RIP-TIRE: Drive and detonate an exploding tire.
TOTAL MAYHEM: Deals no damage to self with explosives. Drop bombs on death.
LifeweaverPETAL PLATFORM: Throw a platform that springs upwards when stepped on.
REJUVENATING DASH: Dash towards your traveling direction and lightly heal yourself.
LIFE GRIP: Pull an ally to your location, protecting them as they travel.
TREE OF LIFE: Place a tree that instantly heals allies upon sprouting and continues healing periodically as it lives.
LúcioCROSSFADE: Switches between two songs: Healing Boost heals nearby allies, and Speed Boost makes nearby allies move faster.
AMP IT UP: Increase the effectiveness of your current song.
SOUNDWAVE: Create a short-range blast wave to knock enemies away from you.
SOUND BARRIER: Create temporary shields for nearby allies.
WALL RIDE: Jump onto a wall to ride along it.
MaugaBERSERKER: Gain temporary health when dealing critical damage.
INCENDIARY CHAINGUN: Automatic weapon that ignites enemies on repeated impacts.
VOLATILE CHAINGUN: Automatic weapon that deals critical damage to burning enemies.
OVERRUN: Charge foward to stomp and launch enemies. You are unsotppable while charging.
CARDIAC OVERDRIVE: Nearby allies take reduced damage and heal by dealing damage.
CAGE FIGHT: Deploy a barrier that traps yourself and enemies. Gain unlimited ammo while inside.
MeiENDOTHERMIC BLASTER: Spray enemies with frost, slowing them and dealing damage. No longer freezes opponents.
CRYO-FREEZE: Become invulnerable and heal yourself.
ICE WALL: Create a wall in front of you.
BLIZZARD: Launch a weather control drone that freezes enemies in a wide area.
MercyGUARDIAN ANGEL: Fly towards an ally.
RESURRECT: Revive a dead teammate.
ANGELIC DESCENT: Fall very slowly.
VALKYRIE: Gain the ability to fly. Abilities are enhanced.
REGENERATION: Automatically heal over time.
MoiraBIOTIC ORB: Launch a bouncing sphere that either heals nearby allies or damages nearby enemies.
FADE: Disappear, move faster, and become invulnerable, but you cannot shoot.
COALESCENCE: Fire a beam that heals allies and damages enemies.
OrisaFORTIFY: Slow your movement by 20%, gain 125 extra health, reduce weapon heat generation by 50%, reduce damage taken, and become immune to immobilizing effects.
JAVELIN SPIN: Spin your javelin destroying all incoming projectiles and increasing your movement speed. This spin also deals damage to enemies and knocks them back.
TERRA SURGE: Pull enemies towards you and gain Fortify effects. Enemies pulled in are slowed and take damage. The Ultimate can be reactivated to release a charge of damage to enemies in her vicinity.
PharahJUMP JET: Fly rapidly upwards.
CONCUSSIVE BLAST: Launch an explosive blast to knock back enemies.
BARRAGE: Launch a continuous volley of mini-rockets.
HOVER JETS: Hold to hover.
RamattraVOID ACCELERATOR (OMNIC FORM): Fire a stream of projectiles in a fixed pattern.
VOID BARRIER (OMNIC FORM): Create a barrier at the targeted location.
PUMMEL (NEMESIS FORM): Punch forward, creating a wave of piercing energy with every swing.
RAVENOUS VORTEX: Fire a nano ball, which explodes when it hits the ground, spreading a damaging field. Affected enemies are slowed and pulled downward.
ANNIHILATION: Enter Nemesis Form and create a deadly swarm that lashes out at nearby enemies, persisting longer when damaging enemies.
ReaperSHADOW STEP: Teleport to a targeted location.
WRAITH FORM: Move faster and become invulnerable, but you cannot shoot.
DEATH BLOSSOM: Damage all nearby enemies.
THE REAPING: Dealing damage heals you.
ReinhardtCHARGE: Charge forward and smash an enemy against a wall.
FIRE STRIKE: Launch a fiery projectile.
BARRIER FIELD: Hold right-click to deploy a frontal energy barrier.
EARTHSHATTER: Knock down all enemies in front of you.
STEADFAST: Resistant to knockback effects.
RoadhogCHAIN HOOK: Drag a targeted enemy to you.
TAKE A BREATHER: Heal yourself and reduce damage taken.
PIG PEN: Launch a trap that slows and damages nearby enemies.
WHOLE HOG: Damage and knock back enemies in front of you.
SigmaKINETIC GRASP: Absorb projectiles in front of you and convert them into shields.
ACCRETION: Gather a mass of debris and throw it at an enemy to knock them down.
EXPERIMENTAL BARRIER: Hold to propel a floating barrier; release to stop. Press again to recall the barrier to you.
GRAVITIC FLUX: Manipulate gravity to lift enemies into the air and slam them back down.
SojournRAILGUN: Accurate fully automatic weapon that grants Sojourn energy after enough shots have been landed. Also has a secondary fire mode that requires energy and sends out a deadly single shot.
DISRUPTOR SHOT: Slows and deals damage to enemies, works well in conjunction with Railgun.
POWER SLIDE: Quickly slide on the ground and leap higher.
OVERCLOCK: Buffs Sojourn’s Railgun, dealing more damage, and automatically charges her secondary fire mode.
Soldier 76SPRINT: Run faster while moving forward.
BIOTIC FIELD: Deploy a field that heals you and your allies.
HELIX ROCKETS: Launch a volley of explosive rockets.
TACTICAL VISOR: Automatically aims your weapon at targets in view.
SombraSTEALTH: When out of combat, become invisible and move faster.
HACK: Hold to hack. Hacked enemies cannot use abilities and can be seen through walls. Hacked health packs spawn faster and can’t be used by enemies. Taking damage interrupts the hack attempt.
VIRUS: Infect enemies with a projectile that deals damage over time. Virus damages hacked targets at a faster rate.
TRANSLOCATOR: Throw a beacon and teleport to it. Stealth cooldown is reduced after teleporting.
EMP: Deal damage to all nearby enemies based on their current health, hacking them and destroying barriers around you.
SymmetraSENTRY TURRET: Deploy a small turret that damages and slows enemies.
TELEPORTER: Create two teleporters that enable instant travel between them.
PHOTON BARRIER: Deploy a massive energy barrier.
TorbjörnDEPLOY TURRET: Deploy a self-building turret.
OVERLOAD: Gain additional armor as well as improved attack, movement, and reload speed.
MOLTEN CORE: Create pools of molten slag that damage enemies. Deals additional damage to armor.
TracerBLINK: Teleport in the direction you are moving.
RECALL: Travel back in time to your previous location and health.
PULSE BOMB: Throw out a powerful sticky explosive.
WidowmakerGRAPPLING HOOK: Launch a hook that pulls you towards a ledge.
VENOM MINE: Launch a poison trap.
INFRA-SIGHT: Provide your team with a view of the enemy’s location.
WinstonTESLA CANNON: Fire out electricity towards a foe dealing damage. Alternate fire charges a single longer-range lightning bolt.
JUMP PACK: Leap forward into the air. Landing on an enemy staggers and damages them.
BARRIER PROJECTOR: Deploy a protective energy dome. Allies can shoot through barrier.
PRIMAL RAGE: Gain immense health and a melee attack buff, but you can only leap and punch enemies. Jump Pack cooldown is reduced while Primal Rage is active.
Wrecking BallGRAPPLING CLAW: Launch a grappling claw to rapidly swing around the area. Enables high-speed collisions to damage and knock back enemies.
ROLL: Transform into a ball and increase maximum movement speed.
PILEDRIVER: Slam into the ground below to damage and launch enemies upward.
ADAPTIVE SHIELD: Create temporary personal shields. Amount increases with more enemies nearby.
MINEFIELD: Deploy a massive field of proximity mines.
ZaryaPARTICLE BARRIER: Create a damage barrier around you that absorbs damage and cleanses crowd control abilities.
PROJECTED BARRIER: Create a damage barrier around an ally similar to Particle Barrier. Shares cooldown with Particle Barrier.
GRAVITON SURGE: Launch a gravity bomb that draws in enemies and explodes for a small amount of damage.
ENERGY: Damage blocked by barriers increases Particle Cannon damage.
ZenyattaORB OF DISCORD: Launch this orb at an enemy to increase the damage they take.
ORB OF HARMONY: Launch this orb at an ally to heal them.
TRANSCENDENCE: Become invulnerable, move faster, and heal nearby allies.
SNAP KICK: Melee attacks push enemies back and deal 50% more damage.

So there you have it! That’s all you need to know about the Overwatch 2 Heroes and their abilities. For more content on the game, be sure to check these:

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