Overwatch 2 Season 11 brings Transformers crossover and fans are loving it

Lucas Simons
Overwatch 2 Season 11 Trailer

Overwatch Season 11 will introduce a Transformers crossover to the game, and the potential for skins and cosmetics has players overjoyed with the possibilities.

Overwatch 2 showcased its Season 11: Super Mega Ultrawatch trailer and players got a teaser at the end of the video, showing the logo of another popular franchise. Transformers will be coming to Overwatch 2 during Season 11, though it’s yet to be revealed what form the crossover will take.

Fans met with this surprising reveal were considerably excited and many of them are already theorizing about which Overwatch heroes will be on the Autobots team and which ones on the Decepticon side.

As the hype grew, many players continued to speculate about which skins could arrive for the heroes. Some suggested that Optimus Prime would fit really well with Reinhardt, while others thought that Bumblebee would suit Lucio. On the side of the villains, Megatron as Ramattra or Bastion seems to be the overall consensus.

But not every fan agrees that this crossover will be a great thing. Some players are concerned about character representation during the upcoming crossover and expressed their fear of Overwatch 2 “ruining their favorite characters.”

This crossover will be a great opportunity to merge two fanbases but a lot of details still need to be revealed. For the moment, we are expecting more information to be revealed as the new season hits the game on June 20.

We’ll keep you informed about new developments for the Overwatch and Transformers crossover. Meanwhile, you can check out all you need to know about Season 11 right here, including every skin of the Battle Pass revealed so far.

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