Hogwarts Legacy the Tale of Rowland Oakes quest guide: Rowland’s map location

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Rowland Oakes in Hogwarts Legacy

While Hogwarts Legacy has an interesting main story, the game’s developers seem to have paid an equal amount of attention to its side quests. Tale of Rowland Oakes is among the most entertaining side quests in the game, and here’s how you can complete it in Hogwarts Legacy.

In Hogwarts Legacy, Harry Potter fans can explore a vast open world filled with familiar locations, characters, classes, potions, spells, and fantastic beasts.

The game also has plenty of side quests that you can complete while exploring the Wizarding World, including one that revolves around Rowland Oakes.

Here’s how to tackle the Tale of Rowland Oakes quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Rowland Oakes map location in Hogwarts Legacy

The location depicted on the map to find Rowland Oakes in Hogwarts Legacy is a bandit castle found in the far lefthand corner of the North Hogwarts region.

After fighting through the Goblins occupying the castle, you’ll stumble across the entrance to Korrow Ruins. Here you’ll be met by even more Goblins to defeat before finding Rowland Oakes on the bottom floor.

For a more in-depth guide on how to complete the Tale of Rowland Oakes quest from start to finish, keep reading.

Following the map will allow you to find where Rowland Oakes is captured in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete Tale of Rowland Oakes quest in Hogwarts Legacy

After completing The Helm of Urtkot mission in Hogwarts Legacy, you can interact with Adelaide Oakes in the Transfiguration Courtyard. She will task you with finding the camp where Rowland Oakes was last seen.

Here’s what you need to do to complete this quest in the game:

  1. Talk with Adelaide Oakes.
  2. Travel to the camp marked on your map.
  3. Defeat all the Goblins at the camp.
  4. Use Revelio to find Rowland’s journal and map.
  5. Follow Rowland’s map to the river that’s west of the camp.
  6. Follow the river until you find the rock formation, tree, and tower drawn on the map.
  7. Enter the bandit castle and begin exploring until you find the entrance to Korrow Ruins.
  8. Enter Korrow Ruins and follow the quest marker to find Rowland.

How to find Rowland Oakes’ wand in Hogwarts Legacy

Rowland Oakes wand in Hogwarts Legacy.
Rowland Oakes’ wand can be found on the upper levels of the dungeon.

After you find Rowland Oakes, he’ll ask you to retrieve his wand, and this item can be found inside a desk on the upper floor of the dungeon where he is being held.

Here’s how you can find it:

  1. Talk with Rowland Oakes.
  2. Go to the upper floor of the dungeon.
  3. Enter the room with the two-sided staircase.
  4. Approach the silver boiler and use either Incendio or Confringo to light the fire underneath it.
  5. Fight the Goblin enemies that appear when you pass through the door.
  6. Go to the room on the right side and open the desk to collect Rowland’s wand.

Simply collect the wand and return it to Rowland in order to complete The Tale of Rowland Oakes quest.

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