How to complete the Cache in the Castle quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Hamza Khalid
Arthur in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has plenty of sidequests for you to complete, and one of them requires you to find a hidden treasure at school. Here’s how to complete Arthur Plummly’s Cache in the Castle in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to dive deep into the magical world, learn new spells, explore, and unveil hidden secrets in the game’s vast open world. After months of anticipation, Xbox One and PS4 players will also be able to enjoy the game.

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There are plenty of main story quests along with sidequests that you can tackle in the game. Among them, the Cache in the Castle is the first of the treasure map quests in Hogwarts Legacy.

Here’s how you can complete Arthur Plummly’s Cache in the Castle quest quickly.

How to complete Cache in the Castle in Hogwarts Legacy

After attending classes at the start of Hogwarts Legacy, you can find Arthur standing outside the Charms classroom, and he’ll give you a map that leads to a secret that’s hidden somewhere in Hogwarts. You’ll then have to travel to the right landmarks to complete this quest.

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Here’s how to complete this Hogwarts Legacy quest:

  1. Meet Arthur outside your classroom.
  2. Collect the map that will have pictures of a rhinoceros skeleton, a wyvern statue, and a picture frame.
  3. Visit the Defense Against The Dark Arts Floo Flame.
  4. Walk downstairs to the next classroom to find the Rhino Skeleton statue.
  5. Head down the staircase next to the statue.
  6. Walk through the double doors to enter the Transfiguration Courtyard with the Wyvern statue.
  7. Head behind the Wyvern statue, and through the door behind the tree.
  8. Take the first right and go up the staircase.
  9. Approach the painting of the snow cabin and cast Accio on the handle.
Playable character in hogwarts legacyCache in the Castle is the first of the treasure map quests in Hogwarts Legacy.

Once this is done, a secret doorway will be revealed behind the painting, and you can walk through it in order to find a hidden chest. Opening it will grant you the Authentic Historian’s Uniform.

You should then make your way back to Arthur and let him know about what you discovered. He’ll thank you for your assistance in completing this task, and the Cache in the Castle quest will be marked as complete.

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