How many endings does Hogwarts Legacy have? Secret ending unlock

Rookwood in Hogwarts Legacy

Your choices in Hogwarts Legacy matter way more than you think as there are multiple endings to the campaign. Here’s the total number of endings in Hogwarts Legacy and how you can unlock the secret ending.

After selling millions of copies on new-gen consoles and PC, Hogwarts Legacy is all set to captivate Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users as well. The game’s story is a magical thrill ride through the Wizarding World, taking players to iconic Harry Potter locations and into the path of many different characters.

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There are a few key decisions to make along the way, as such whether or not to turn in Sebastian Swallow or steal ingredients for Garreth Weasely. Choices like these have left players wondering if there are multiple different endings to see in Hogwarts Legacy.

Here’s a spoiler-free explanation of how many endings Hogwarts Legacy has.

How many endings are there in Hogwarts Legacy?

In total, there are three different endings to Hogwarts Legacy. The three different outcomes are described as the good ending, the evil ending, and the true ending.

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The good and evil endings are achieved through a final choice offered to the player at the end of the campaign, which directly impacts how the story plays out. However, these different endings won’t have any effect on the map or the way characters interact with you.

Also, every player will be presented with the same decision regardless of the choices they made throughout the rest of the game.

Goblins in Hogwarts LegacyThe story of Hogwarts Legacy has multiple different endings.

How to unlock the secret ending in Hogwarts Legacy

The secret (or true) ending can be unlocked by reaching level 34 in Hogwarts Legacy, which requires players to tick off many of the side objectives to earn enough XP. Anyone who achieves the secret ending will see exactly the same events unfold, regardless of which decision they made at the end of the game.

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Similar games have pulled this trick in the past, giving the most dedicated players who see and do everything an extra little piece of story content to enjoy.

So, if you want to see the definitive ending to Hogwarts Legacy, there’s plenty of work to be done.

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