Can you be a dark wizard in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy student casting spell

Harry Potter fans on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 must be curious about the use of dark spells in Hogwarts Legacy. Read to know if you can be a dark wizard in Hogwarts Legacy.

There are many reasons why Hogwarts Legacy turned out to be one of the biggest games in 2023. The brand-new story that revolves around the goblins learning ancient magic intrigued new fans as well as veterans. Moreover, features like the open-world, character customization, spells, and fantastic beasts were too good to miss out on.

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Hogwarts Legacy also acknowledges dark magic in the story and it is only natural for players to be curious about becoming a dark wizard in the game.

On that note, here’s a guide revealing if you can be a dark wizard in Hogwarts Legacy.

Can you be evil in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have the option to make evil choices like practicing the dark arts but you can’t become a full-on dark wizard. You’ll be able to cast unforgivable curses such as Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and Imperio, which are the actions of a dark wizard.

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You can also choose to make friends in different houses, including the Slytherin student Sebastian Sallow who can get you caught up in his mischief. It is through befriending him that you will learn the Cruciatus Curse.

hogwarts legacy student casting a spellDark spells in Hogwarts Legacy aim to torture the target.

Thanks to the freedom to use dark spells, Hogwarts Legacy also has multiple endings depending on your actions.

As it turns out, you can do evil things but you won’t be able to become a full-on villain as you’re still the protagonist. There are several battles against dark wizards and being as evil as them is certainly not a good look for the main character.

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