Zenless Zone Zero gacha system explained

Aakash Regmi
Zenless Zone Zero character screenshot

Here’s everything to know about the gacha system in Zenless Zone Zero and how mechanics like 50-50 and pity impact your ability to get the best five-star characters, weapons, and Bangboos in the game.

Following the success of Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact, HoYoverse is all set to release Zenless Zone Zero, another gacha game with a brand-new environment and a massive roster of characters.

The developers have confirmed that ZZZ will launch on PC, mobile, and PS5 on July 4, 2024, and a bunch of playable characters have been introduced as well. If you’re curious as to how to get these units, here’s a rundown of Zenless Zone Zero’s gacha system, including how pity and 50-50 work.

How does gacha work in Zenless Zone Zero?

Pity in Zenless Zone Zero, or any other gacha game, means how many times you’ll need to pull in a particular banner before you’re guaranteed a rate-up character or weapon

Each banner has multiple rate-ups, all with different rarities, like ‘A’ and ‘S’ Rank for characters in ZZZ, and the banner will have a guarantee that, if you go without getting them for a certain amount of pulls, you’ll get them in the next one. 

Zenless Zone Zero character banner pity explained

Pity in Zenless Zone Zero character banners guarantees you an S-Rank character every 90 pulls and an A-Rank every 10 pulls. 

So, for example, if you spend your Encrypted Master Tape (or Film) to make 89 Signal Searches without ever getting an S-Rank, your next Signal Search will guarantee an S-Rank character. In Genshin Impact language: Flim is Primogems, Encrypted Master Tape is Intertwined Fate, and Signal Search is Wish. 

The pity is the same across the limited banner and the permanent banner called Mellow Waveride and the Star-Studded Cast, respectively. Both have an independent pity counter but the pull rates are the same.

Zenless Zone Zero weapon banner pity explained

The weapon banner pity in Zenless Zone Zero is a guaranteed S-Rank every 80 pulls and the same 10 pulls for A-Rank.

Here is a table detailing all the banner and item drop chances:

Mellow Waveride (Permanent Banner)107.2%900.6% 92%
Star-Studded Cast (Standard Banner)107.2%900.6%92%
W-Engine (Weapon Banner)109.4%800.7%92%

It is important to note that alongside characters and weapons (W-Engines), you can also get Bangboos from Zenless Zone Zero banners. These additional support units buff your team in a wide range of ways and belong to S or A-ranks.

Pity resets only after you get an S-Rank drop or W-Engine and carries over across updates too.

What is soft pity in Zenless Zone Zero?

Soft pity in Zenless Zone Zero means that the odds of getting an S-Rank unit are increased marginally as you exceed 75 Signal Searches. The mechanic exists in other HoYoverse titles as well but the exact numbers for none of the games have been officially revealed yet.

Soft pity ensures that even if you’re on an unlucky run, you may get an S-Rank drop before reaching the end of pity and having to spend currency on all 90 pulls.

How does 50-50 work in Zenless Zone Zero?

Mellow Waveride (limited banner) in Zenless Zone Zero has a 50-50 system, which means once you reach its 90-pull pity threshold, you can either get a limited banner rate up or a standard banner rate up.

As the name implies, there is a 50-50 chance, but in case you lose and get a standard banner unit, the next 90-pull will guarantee a rate-up. 

How to check pity in Zenless Zone Zero

You can check your pity in Zenless Zone Zero by clicking on ‘Details’ below the banner. The pop-up screen will show the drop rates for different items featured in the banner and the Search History tab will reveal the items you’ve received from all recent pulls.

You can either calculate your pity manually by counting the number of pulls made after getting your last S-Rank unit or use third-party apps like Stardb that track your pity. You’ll have to enter your account details to use such trackers though, so only use websites that you trust.

Now that you know how the gacha system in Zenless Zone Zero works, check out the game’s PC requirements to make sure your device can run it and a list of all the actors who’ve voiced your favorite characters.