Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Ascension and Traces level-up materials

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Jing Yuan official artwork

Jing Yuan is a very sought-after five-star character in Honkai Star Rail, so here’s a list of all the materials you’ll need to ascend Jing Yuan and level up his Traces.

Jing Yuan was the second five-star character to be featured in Honkai Star Rail‘s event warp banner. The powerful unit is a solid AoE damage dealer, but if you got it on HSR’s update 2.0, you’ll need to ascend him, level up his traces, and build him with the best available Light Cones, Relics, and Planar Ornaments.

Ascending characters is one of the primary tasks in Honkai Star Rail, and it requires you to collect a wide range of materials from different places. Jing Yuan has the potential to be one of the strongest characters in the game, and players can stack up on resources required to ascend him and level up his Traces.

Here’s a list of all the Ascension and Trace level-up materials for Jing Yuan.

Jing Yuan attack animation in Honkai Star Rail
Jing Yuan deals Lightning damage in Honkai Star Rail.

Jing Yuan ascension materials in Honkai Star Rail

You can ascend Jing Yuan in Honkai Star Rail with these materials:

Ascension levelAscension MaterialsCreditsAscension Rewards
Level 205x Immortal Scionette4,000 Credits1x Star Rail Pass
Level 3010x Immortal Scionette8,000 Credits
Level 406x Immortal Aeroblossom, 3x Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff16,000 Credits1x Star Rail Pass
Level 509x Immortal Aeroblossom, 7x Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff40,000 Credits
Level 606x Immortal Lumintwig,20x Shape Shifter’s Lighting Staff80,000 Credits1x Star Rail Pass
Level 709x Immortal Lumintwig, 35x Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff160,000 Credits

The total amount of all materials required to ascend Jing Yuan in Honkai Star Rail are:

  • 15x Immortal Scionette
  • 15x Immortal Aeroblossom
  • 15x Immortal Lumintwig
  • 65x Shape Shifter’s Lighting Staff
  • 308,000 Credits
Jing Yuan sitting with a white lion
Jing Yuan follows The Erudition Path in Honkai Star Rail.

Jing Yuan Trace level-up materials in Honkai Star Rail

If you want to fully level up Jing Yuan’s Traces in Honkai Star Rail, you’ll need to collect these materials:

  • 42x Immortal Scionette
  • 56x Immortal Aeroblossom
  • 58x Immortal Lumintwig
  • 18x Key of Inspiration
  • 69x Key of Knowledge
  • 139x Key of Wisdom
  • 12x Destroyer’s Final Road
  • 11x Tracks of Destiny
  • 3,000,000 Credits

Having said that, it isn’t compulsory to level up all of Jing Yuan’s Traces in the game. You can choose to solely upgrade the Traces that buff his damage-dealing stats and abilities that deal the highest amount of damage.

Well, this was everything to know about ascending Jing Yuan in Honkai Star Rail and leveling up his most valuable traces. For more content on HoYoverse’s RPG, you can check out:

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