How to mod Hogwarts Legacy: Best mods to download on PC

Joseph Pascoulis
hogwarts legacy thomas the tank engine mod

Hogwarts Legacy offers players an abundance of content, but some just can’t get enough. Here’s how you can mod Hogwarts Legacy on PC to customize the experience.

Hogwarts Legacy gives players the freedom of exploring Hogwarts and the surrounding area with pretty much no limitations. Whether you prefer to run around, fly on your broomstick, or fly a Hippogriff, players have many options.

In fact, the game features an abundance of customization, from your character’s appearance to the Room of Requirement. However, some players are always yearning for more, and that’s where mods come into play.

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If you’re on PC and you’re looking to mod Hogwarts Legacy, here’s our guide on how to do so.

How to mod Hogwarts Legacy

Firstly, it’s important to note that there are many methods to mod games, but we felt this way was the easiest for Hogwarts Legacy. So, if you’d like to know how to mod Hogwarts Legacy, here’s our step-by-step tutorial:

  1. First off, make sure your game is off and visit the Hogwarts Legacy section on NexusMods.
  2. Find the mod you’d like to use and click the “Manual” download button.
  3. Once it’s downloaded, find the zip file and extract it to your desktop.
  4. Once extracted, you should find a new folder on your desktop called “Pheonix.”
  5. Go into the folder, then find and right-click the folder named “mods” and copy it.
  6. Open up Steam, go to Hogwarts Legacy in your library, and head to the settings.
  7. Go to “Properties,” then “Local Files” and select “Browse,” this will open your Hogwarts Legacy game files.
  8. Find the folder named “Pheonix,” go into “Content“, and then “Paks.”
  9. Simply paste the mod folder in “Paks,” boot up the game, and enjoy the mod!
wizard looking up at hogwarts in hogwarts legacyWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
There are many Hogwarts Legacy mods that players can download.

If you wish to delete the mods, you can head back into the folder you copy and pasted them into and just delete them from there and restart your game.

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Be careful when adding mods, we recommend adding one at a time and always checking the legitimacy of the mod on NexusMods beforehand. If you’re worried about losing a save, keep a backup of the game files.

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Best Hogwarts Legacy mods

Multiplayer mod

While it is not currently out at the time of writing this, the multiplayer mod by The Together Team is being worked on. Hogwarts Legacy does not feature any multiplayer, but once this mod is released, players will be able to team up with 8 friends and take on Hogwarts together.

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Broom mods

There are many broom mods out there for Hogwarts Legacy, all as goofy and awesome as each other. One of the most popular is the Thomas the Tank Engine mod, which turns your broom into the popular children’s story character.

Performance boosters

Hogwarts Legacy players on PC have had some issues with the game’s performance, so if you’re one of these players it might be worth trying out a performance boost mod.

There are quite a few to choose from, each state that they can improve FPS, but the Ascendio FPS hotfix mod seems to be the most popular at the moment.

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