Best Hogwarts Legacy character builds: Spells, Talents & Gear Traits

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Hogwarts Legacy combat

For Hogwarts Legacy players looking for Spells, Talents, and Gear Traits that suit their playstyle, here are the best character builds in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy has many options when it comes to Spells, Talents, and Gear Traits. Players can not only change the appearance of their character, but they can also add Traits to their gear that are tailored to certain spells.

Hogwarts Legacy also has an abundance of Spells to take advantage of, but as there are only four Spells that players can have equipped at once, it can be quite difficult to figure out which build is best for you.

With that said, we’ve created some of the best builds you can use in Hogwarts Legacy, depending on how you’d like to play the game.

hogwarts legacy student casting a spell
Choose your spells in Hogwarts Legacy to create whatever build you want.

Best Hogwarts Legacy builds: Spells, Talents & Gear Traits

In Hogwarts Legacy, players will be unlocking Talents, Spells, and Gear Traits throughout their playthrough. These will all contribute to the type of build you want to go for. While you may have to progress through the game to unlock all the aspects of the build, you can start creating it from the get-go.

For those builds, we will be pointing out the most essential and best Spells, Talents, and Traits to use, so you’re free to fill in the rest as the game does provide players with a lot of options and freedom.

All-round Magic build

For players looking to build a Hogwarts Legacy character who’s fully capable in every department, especially Ancient Magic, here’s our all-round Magic build.

  • Spells: Levioso, Depulso, Diffindo, Confrigo.
  • Talents: Core & Spells
    • Spell Knowledge I – III, Wiggen Weld Potency I – II, Basic Cast Mastery, Protego Absorption, Basic Cast Airborne Absorption, Evasion Absorption, Protego Expertise, Levioso Mastery, Depulso Mastery, Diffindo Mastery, Confrigo Mastery, Sense of Security I – II, Swift.
  • Gear Traits: Concentration III, Control III, Disarming III, Destruction III, Ancient Magic III, Ancient Magic Focus III.

The Dark Wizard build

For those Slytherin out there, here’s a build that’s completely focused on the Unforgivable Curses of the Dark Arts.

  • Spells: Avada Kedavra, Crucio, Imperio, & Expelliarmus.
  • Talents: Core & Dark Arts
    • Spell Knowledge I – III, Wiggen Weld Potency I – II, all 10 Dark Arts Talents.
  • Gear Traits: Unforgivable III, Cruelty III, Manipulation III, Ancient Magic III, Ancient Magic Focus III.
Hogwarts Legacy student casting spell
Cast spells from the Dark Arts in Hogwarts Legacy to instill fear into your enemies.

Stealth Master build

The Stealth Master build is all about taking your enemy by surprise in Hogwarts Legacy, eliminating most opponents with Petrificus Totalus.

  • Spells: Disillusionment, Expelliarmus, Bombarda, & Arresto Momentum.
  • Talents: Core & Stealth
    • Spell Knowledge I – III, Wiggen Weld Potency I – II,
  • Gear Traits: Ambush III, Ancient Magic III, Ancient Magic Focus III, Binding III.

The Greenhouse build

This build is completely focused on utilizing plants and potions to aid you in Hogwarts Legacy’s combat.

  • Spells: Accio, Glacius, Incendio, & Imperio.
  • Talents: Core & Room of Requirement
    • Spell Knowledge I – III, Wiggen Weld Potency I – II, all Room of Requirement Talents, Accio Mastery, Glacius Mastery, Incendio Mastery, Imperio Mastery.
  • Gear Traits: Fangs III, Venom III, Deafening III, Herbology III.

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